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    Naruto 101. "Spoilers." (

    Obviously people don't realize that distancing the anime and manga is a good move to keep it from being licensing :\ In regards to the's only funny if you watch it once. Watching it the second time got boring.... MOYA!
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    Blade vs Wolverine

    Blade == Accidental half-vampire half-human with fangs, lots of guns, a sword and....UV bombs? Wolverine == Secret weapon developed by the military due to ability to regenerate quickly. Comes with indestructible adamantium skeleton, adamantium claws, and a.....yellow tightsuit? Anyway...
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    Want 20 extra fps or more in any game? read this!

    It won't. It'll only devote more resources to the game, and that's it. Only more memory for the game :\ Besides, desabling almost every service is bound to disable many of the nifty features in WinXP. Or even worse, disable Windows. Ah well, their call if they do it. HL can't even go above...
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    Low fps in condition

    Go with what Hsu said. Or if you are patient and want realy quality video cards (and have the money to buy them) wait for an ATI X800 Pro card to pop out in stores. On a side-note, I think CZ is teh suxxor. Don't discuss on this unless you make a new thread for it! It will just make the...
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    teh past Jayster!

    Well, puberty can start as early as 6, but that's an extremely rare case....He's almost hit his maturity age though if his voice did start breaking at 7 About you changing to a good person.... *two thumbs up*
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    Want 20 extra fps or more in any game? read this!

    I think that's the point. The only thing you would be running is Command Prompt. And unless you're a DOS guru, better not touch that, or you'll be stuck....forevar!! But the real reason is that he has too many crap running in the background. Look at what he has on his Systemstart list! Would...
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    Want Adv. Melee to be Harder? I got you covered...

    Hmm....interesting idea here. I might give it a shot. Might even put up the sprites for download if I do get the time to upload them.
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    Frieza's Transformation

    Well, while it certainly is cool....there's a few problems... 1) Will the ESF team have any spare time to include this? Most probable answer is no with the planning of 1.3, unless they can easily manipulate the transform code. 2) Will HL slow down? ESF was meant to be fun for everyone...
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    9 way blending

    Now the big question... If it is what you say harSens, shouldn't it be called 9 way bending? As for the ninth....the ninth one is centered. No directions being pointed at except forward. Think of it as aiming straight forward. And I thought nine way blending was being able to rotate the...
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    He still seems rather adult-ish Should try comparing the proportions with the refs SSChris posted. That should help with his body. ATM he looks rather muscley too. Remember, Gaara does not punch people, his sand does :D
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    The Power Level Protest.

    While I'm primarily a Trunks user, Trunks doesn't need much beefing or nerfing. He's supposedly fine as is. However, Gohan is another issue. He has the same speed as Goku and Vegeta, has a beam absorbing shield that blocks melee users and beams (and doesn't use ki in SSJ form) and receives...
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    Picture of the Infinty!

    NEW POTI :D I like the new Trunks model, looks nice and terrifyingly accurate :D I <3 Smo!
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    TRUNKS (wat's up?)

    Actually his speed is quite decent so you could stand up to the likes of Gohan or Piccolo. However, he will have a bad time against really fast characters like Trans'd Krillin. Fortunately these characters take an eternity to transform, so you're ahead of the game already.
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    [NTP] Shikamaru WIP

    Fix the hair up a bit by squeezing that rubber band in a bit, and make it so the hair in the back that's tied up looks like the picture you posted. Right now he looks like he put his hair into a flower pot, and broke the pot. I'll try to show it in an ASCII diagram.... CRUDE ASCII DIAGRAM...
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    Show your Desktop: Part Redeux

    Hmmm....might as well post my new one. EDIT : Now I have a matching colorset for the wallpaper....however, it is the same style. Just think of changing all the red buttons to blue buttons.
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    [NTP] Shikamaru WIP

    Oooo nice model. You couyld use that skin as a base for the final skin. You'll just need to fix the skintone a bit. The eyes look angry. He should look more relaxed unless he's put in a tense situation.
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    Doom 3 July, August

    Uhh...NeLo, DOOM 3 now has a story writer, so it won't be your generic run around blast everything away and suddenly encounter zombies game. As for DOOM 3....I'm not really looking forward to it, neither am I looking forward to HL2. However, my lil bro is all hyped up about DOOM 3 :\
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    Zabuza WIP

    Correction, it's about 10-19, 20 is the start of the exam :( Nice model there. The forehead protector shouldn't be so angled though. It should just be tilted just slightly. Unless it's the angle you took the picture at :\
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    Heavy Arms

    Make the head a bit more taller, he looks like an anvil hit his head. And buff up them legs :D
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    Pwnzing naruto's weapons \o/!

    The skin makes it look blunt. You need to make it look real sharp. BTW, those results are easily obtained with just a brush on 10% detail and drawing lines. Too bad you did it the hard way :\