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    a question about the beta

    will the new beta be an add on for the current version or will it be a full installer with everythign there is now plus more?
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    Spirit Bomb Idea!!!

    well i think that u should be aloud to charge the spirit bomb for as long as u want so its more like the show but the more powerful it getst he bigger it gets and the slower it takes to add more energy. also the bigger it gets the slower it travels and the easier to dodge it is
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    sensing wiv da scouter

    im not an idiot i no wat the scouter doesi just reackon that wen some1 goes ss there sould bea little arrow pointin out wer they r like in the show cause wenever there was a really big power it came up on the scouters. o and btw will the scouters be seen on the model or not
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    New Dbz Ps2 Screens!!!

    sam i had all 3 wen i had my psx but now i have a ps2 i have to get a modchip b4 i can play dem again:( and they cost about 200 bux wer i live. but final bout was a wicked game i dont no wy u guys h8 it prolly cause u guys sukd at it but it was kewl. legends was the best though i beat the whole...
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    sensing wiv da scouter

    hey with the scouter i reackon there should be a function sorta like with the dragon balls but different. wat should happen is wen some 1 has a major powerup say goin super saiyan the scouter should have a little flashing arrow on the side or top so that people can see wer they r. like on namek...
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    Power struggle suggestion

    yeh but i might be gettin broadband soon so that wont effect me as much
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    Goku's spiritbomb

    you should be able to keep harging the bomb for as long as u want so irt gats bigger and bigger but fairly slowly cause its so strong. that way its more to the show
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    Auras according to PL

    yeah but then wat about hiding pl from scouters and stuff. i no its a prettyy gewd idea but it sorta gets rid of the hiding pl idea
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    Unique character attributes

    they have some of that now like krillan is really slow and pretty weak with his attack but his destructo disc kills in 1 shot so it kinda evens out a bit
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    Power struggle suggestion

    yeh that would suck cause with those of us on a 56k and then theres 2 dudes in the middle a 7 mil pl then they make a GIGANTIC EXPLOSION then it would kill lost and heaps o people would get lagged
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    Goku moVe!

    yer but then it could take away a really good attack that the using player may have had. Eg. say it was for vegeta i assume that u only have 1 specific ss attack so if you had the dragon fist it would get rid of the final flash understand
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    Power struggle suggestion

    dunno wat they sed but r u talkin about like wen gohan and cell shot beam at eachother and it fromed that gigantic 1 :shocked:
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    Goku moVe!

    nar i dont think thats it and any wayz thats from db and they sed they rnt goin to put and movie stuff or dbgt stuff init so i assum that they rnt goin to put db stuff in either
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    Ki shield

    yer you should be able to do sumtin to it if your pl is as big or bigger than the shooter either catch it and absorb into ur own ki , deflect it off to the side in the hope of catchin a noob or shootin it right bak at ur opponent
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    i think tht might be happening im not sure. but i agree it should be that the higher ur pl goes the faster u go but you could go to fast or u wouldnt be killable.
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    following blast

    yer u could make it that wen u shoot the disc you start controllin that disc instaed of your player so like you move the arrows to move the disc and stuff. but there would have to restrictions such as wen it turns it would have to be long curved turns and the disc would have to relativly slow...
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    Teleport duels...

    yer u could also make it that that happens at a certain powerlevel say 7 mil or watever otherwise wen that happen under that amount wen they r fightin you should c like just flash around the plase and wavy lines like wen yumcha first faught a cyber men in the saiyan saga that would be kewl. it...
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    Unique character attributes

    nah thats would suk for buu cause then everyone would be buu and no1 else would be cohsen. i like some of da other ideas though
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    super charging

    yer i could but i'd have to do more than i wanted to ( i'm really lazy) and since i had already changed my email i just made a new account and besides i hadnt used that 1 for a month so hotmail cancelled it
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    double attacks

    yer thats wat i mean you charge the same attack again and shoot it bak into the current beam makin it stronger. yeh i no u would loose a bit in the ps but if shot it bak then you would gain alot. that would be sweeeeet ur just about to loose the ps then u turn SS and blow the hell outa that...