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  1. MDave

    should kiblob attacks reduce stamina?

    I think it's more fun without kiblob at the moment, don't feel so dishonorable when you finish someone off with such an attack they have no way of escaping/blocking/deflecting when you melee them down into a stun and they only have a bits of HP left. Not to mention it's less annoying for the...
  2. MDave

    Simple Render Thread.

  3. MDave


    Heh, It's not nice when people ask you to fix some little thing OVER and OVER eh Eclipse? Now you know how I felt about a certain something.
  4. MDave

    ZEQ II Teen Gohan

    *cough* I was the first that skinned like that. Beginning of 2003 infact. Looking good SV, but something I've just noticed, I don't do hair like that ;) check out the last saiyan skin I did ;)
  5. MDave

    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    I know who it is too ;) hehe its looking quite interesting this competition :)
  6. MDave

    Helpe me out here ^_^

    Whats the error message? ;)
  7. MDave

    Supa Buu! =0

    Here's WIP of Super Gotenks Buu (I don't know the offical name, so I'll call him that for now) Stuff I need left to do: [] Change his body skin slighty to show his ribcage a bit more. [] Alter the face a bit more. [] Anything you guys can point out :p.
  8. MDave

    Supa Buu! =0

    Cell/Wolf, I'll beat you someday ^_^ wuhaha. Thnx Hibiki =D Here's his facial expressions! :D Normal: Mouth open + smile: Mouth open: Smile: Displeased: Pretty fun messing around with him, hehe. It's like playing with a virtual action figure or something, lol.
  9. MDave

    Supa Buu! =0

    Ahh, if you havn't noticed, I don't go on msn much, hehe. BTW Wolf, I thought you were animating Mario Ana's Buu ;) This one's rigged with a biped and stuff already. SCX's Buu is the realistic vesion, as he calls, it, so thats why there's two :P he wanted to do his own one anyway. And thnx ^_^
  10. MDave

    Supa Buu! =0

    Here's something I've been working on the past week, hehe. I don't usually post my stuff here often, but thought It was about time I changed that ;) Polys are 2350. Whole mouth modelled (teeth, tounge). Enjoy :p
  11. MDave

    what model should this be?

    Are there any more ones? :o They seem perfect for ref-pics, just the kind I need :p On-Topic: Make your own totaly new creation, based with what you got so far. It will bring out the artist in you ;)
  12. MDave

    "Son Goku" Goku model for ESF 1.2

    The neck anatomy needs some fixing up, I'm afriad. Those defined lines that are supposed to be the vein like muscles, arn't supposed to be like that. It's supposed to be that they arn't defined so much the further up it goes up the neck. Morph's drawover shows exactly how it's meant to be...
  13. MDave

    BoJack - Form 1

    Does this answer your question? :p
  14. MDave

    1st model wip - Goku

    My post, to be exact: "It's not a rip, and not really a clone, but it is similar. (I should know, since I've worked with Darksuns goku's mesh)" "KP, you can get different kinds of goku models (mesh design, proportions), but these two are similar, so that argument goes out the window...
  15. MDave

    BoJack - Form 1

    Long over-due update, but here's what I'v been upto with this guy:
  16. MDave

    BoJack - Form 1

    Some new updates on the head/face: No cloning or mesh copying plz >_> Nope, it's not for ESF. I *might* later on though. Since there isn't a BoJack model for it :P
  17. MDave

    BoJack - Form 1

    He dosn't have the usual pointy nose that other dbz characters have. He's got quite a muscular, butch look to him ;) Thats how his noise/face is on my side pic ref. I might be skinning this guy, but if I don't, it'l be someone else I have in mind :P
  18. MDave

    BoJack - Form 1

    This better? :)
  19. MDave

    BoJack - Form 1

    2300+ polys. WIP. Thought I'd show another model here :p
  20. MDave

    Naruto Update

    Make some wrinkles / folds in the elbow / back of the knee area. It will help get rid of the cylindrical look of his cloths :)
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