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  1. Limitless Ki


    Is there a site where I can download it, or does there have to be a certain color setting for it to work?
  2. Limitless Ki

    Character models

    Erm okay so I downloaded a vegito model that replaced Vegeta, I put the ssj vegeta mdl(the vegito one) into the preset ssj vegeta(actual vegeta). And did the same with the normal forms but the vegeta model still showed up
  3. Limitless Ki

    Can't play online

    For some reason evertime I attept to connect to a sever it says something like "Your battle arena map differs from the severs" or "Your client. dll differs from the severs." :\
  4. Limitless Ki

    Graphic problems

    Okay, I followed the instructions and switched from software mode to D3D or what ever. And then the games graphics were good but all skippy, and the other mode didn't even work because it said something about it not being supported
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