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  1. RavenTrunks

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Disney put a stop to it. Why? Because it was already in production when they gained Star Wars I guess.
  2. RavenTrunks


    The idea is to re-do the Parallel quests and you can aim for getting new skills or whatever that can come from the missions for a bit. There are intentional level walls just so someone can't just speed run through the game. It's like most rpg's if you rush yor going to end up in a higher place...
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    You could but that is assuming you have the ability equipped. This technique is a free alternative that everyone has the ability to do no matter what :p
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    yeah you can dodge Projectiles (balls) including ultimates, so long as it doesn't have a ridiculous homing(i'm looking at you minus energy ball). I love doing it through a spirit bomb and come out of the teleport with a hard hit smashing them down. It doesn't work so well to dodge beams as...
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    --- edit --- All good points you pretty much explained it how I would but I feel as though some of the "mechanics" left out are worth mentioning. in addition to what he said about the fighting theres just a few more in-depth things about the combat. Some people tend to dislike the fact that...
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    I'm actually looking forward to it. It's been in development for like almost 3 years so I would expect something better than what we have been getting. Can't recall any recent DBZ game thats had over 1.5 under its belt.
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    Just another nostalgia thread.

  8. RavenTrunks

    [Old PotW] Go Krillin !!!! awesome model

    Seems apparent he hasn't slept in days.
  9. RavenTrunks

    TFS Abridged Goku

    Honestly, I would wait till they get closer to finishing dbz abridged. More episodes = more potential quotes.
  10. RavenTrunks

    Xbox One

    Do current comparisons to games that sell digital and physical. 60$ for both. Also people are missing an important thing when it comes to "DRM" The right of first sale.
  11. RavenTrunks

    Xbox One

    Once... and he couldn't get it back. Thats not borrowing at all. I'd have to purchase another copy later to give it back. And that's not what consoles are about. Thats a distinct perk of a console over a pc. Edit: there wasn't that many publishers fighting against used game sales. You could...
  12. RavenTrunks

    Xbox One

    Like i said though With DRM gone us buying used games, Still you would see no sales. It's not what X1 was aiming for. And digital only isnt a step of innovation, since ditial purchasng in in anyway its not like with out the online check of our games doesn't make it "innovative". People didn't...
  13. RavenTrunks

    Xbox One

    No, no one liked the DRM, its just they think family sharing was the future of gaming and next gen. Not the graphics, not the innovation, not the, you know, games... that made next gen next gen. Thing is microsoft could still do it they just act like babies with it by taking their shiny toy...
  14. RavenTrunks

    Xbox One

    Because it's just a big **** you to people for fighting against drm. Digital copies are still going to be a thing and could easily still work with digital versions of the games.
  15. RavenTrunks

    Xbox One Yeah... That happened...
  16. RavenTrunks

    Gay Spiderman?

    I don't see the problem. They already made 3 of these anyway.
  17. RavenTrunks

    The RIDICULOUS online ads thread!

    Yeah, i seriously find it ridiculous.
  18. RavenTrunks

    [Old PotW] POTW June 23rd 2013

    I know I come and go from the community now and then, but when the **** was flaming allowed? No not even flaming, just straight up bashing. I don't know who Aurum is or why he is hated but what the **** is wrong with the guys straight up flaming and bashing him? Wheres the warnings? wheres the...
  19. RavenTrunks

    Xbox One

    Their response to those that have no internet or travel alot/across seas(military)
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