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  1. UsSj BrOlLy

    new powerup

    looks nice :D
  2. UsSj BrOlLy

    thunder pack v2

    looks nice I am certainly using youre final flare :D:D
  3. UsSj BrOlLy

    learning to model(finally after 2 years of skinning)

    very very nice, good model
  4. UsSj BrOlLy

    dragon ball Z Games Listing

    what is this thread all about??? what purpose does it have??? please post this in an other section like the off-topic forum
  5. UsSj BrOlLy

    Any good sites

    indeed, could somebody now close this thread?
  6. UsSj BrOlLy

    thunder pack v2

    I think it looks nice, but it doesn't have anything to do with dragonball/z/gt but nice sprite :D
  7. UsSj BrOlLy

    Just a question

    in one word.... FANTASTIC!!!!
  8. UsSj BrOlLy

    Goku Trunks and Frieza ;)

    frieza: change his feet and ankles and change his nose, goku: looks good
  9. UsSj BrOlLy

    Darksun Goku

    great model, I really hope that you are releasing it :D cause if you do I am sure going to use this model
  10. UsSj BrOlLy

    New skinn , from the sucker himself .

    really nice are you also making an perfect cell to go with this cell (if you release it)
  11. UsSj BrOlLy

    GT Goku Release

    very nice finally a chibi goku which actually looks like chibi goku :D
  12. UsSj BrOlLy

    Adult Gohan! ^ ^

    nice model, and nuttzy I don't think that he ripped youre model his legs are different shaped
  13. UsSj BrOlLy

    Can someone make me a sig?

    this thread doesn't belong here.
  14. UsSj BrOlLy


    I think his hair looks strange (from the front view)
  15. UsSj BrOlLy

    not sure what is it but looks cool in game

    looks nice though if it is true what nuttzy says then it would be useless right???
  16. UsSj BrOlLy

    SteveoDBGT's 10X KameHaMeHa

    try his site under his sig maybe that will work :D
  17. UsSj BrOlLy

    EFighter's Chibi Trunks.

    Looks great (yahoo) finally a good chibi trunks :D
  18. UsSj BrOlLy

    Goten WIP

    I am sorry to say that I don't like the skinning, first of all I don't like his face it doesn't have an expression and change his mouth, second it isn't really detailled and his blue shirt looks like it go's on on his orange suit
  19. UsSj BrOlLy

    kioken or something

    don't double post, and especially not with twice the same things
  20. UsSj BrOlLy

    Brolly Model

    there are two threads running about an brolly model and you really didn't have to post an thread in this forum so could anybody close this???
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