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  1. §hade§


    I transkill only and ONLY if my opponent is abusing his trans in order to avoid me attacking him. Meaning: a) acsending and descending all the time b) Ascending while I am about to melee him, and then descending andfighting me as I drop my guard.
  2. §hade§

    [Official] ESF Appreciation Thread

    Thank you for making the best hl mod ever Thank you for making the best DBZ mod ever Thank you for making the best melee system ever Thank you for making high quality models Thank you for making high quality sprites Thank you for making high quality sounds Thank you for getting both...
  3. §hade§

    FX system

    Hmmm...If I activate an FX effect in game, I will be the only one seeing it right?
  4. §hade§


    Well, there are some cool moves when you are doing it, but most of them suck hard when you are the target.. 6 basics on ground or on sky get realy annoying. 2 basics in the air followed with kibs/generic show lotsa disrespect to your foe running, angling, all that stuff seems cool but get...
  5. §hade§

    FX system

    I'm that close to bug all the esfers in msn just to get joe's adress and start bothering him of how great he is :D. Love you man, love your melee systems, love the FX, YOU ARE AWESOME! just one problem, I'm probably going to be so nab that system will be too complex for me :P.
  6. §hade§

    welcome cold steel

    Welcome! Can't wait to play the new esf awesome maps! I just hope there will be more map like esf_arrival, big with a very high sky box (I hate those 'I do 6 hits in them skies :D' (not that I'm fond of ground comboing) Anyway, welcome.
  7. §hade§

    You Know You're Screwed When...

    You know you're screwed when someone takes a screw, has somewhat pure psychotic evil look in his eyes and he is glaring at your way. You knew you're screwed when you enter a server finding out that the dude you accused of a lame cheater is the server main admin.
  8. §hade§

    Teleport and swoop suggestion

    Unless teleporting and swooping are going to completely change, I oppose this idea, it is pretty useless and only going to make the interface harder.
  9. §hade§

    aura trail

    in EVM the kaiouken has a trail if I am not mistaken. Anyway, great idea, I definitly support that.
  10. §hade§

    Mount Rumble!

    Well, the player who has the sword/crown/dball/money/ultimatepower/esf1.1copy will simply beam-jump spam to gain time, and use adv. melee on occasions in order to fight slooooowly and gain more points.......sounds like a good idea, but players will turn it into the blind chasing the lame :D.
  11. §hade§

    Just a quick teleport suggestion

    After images are pretty cool though, if you teleport just on the last moment, your oponent will probably lose his focus(and his swoop!) for a moment, just enough to give a nice painful hit on his head.
  12. §hade§

    Frieza Form 4

    In order to get the models to work, both frieza3 and frieza2 models need to be replaced with the smaller-skeletoned models. And Kreshi, will you be still working on the frieza model and improve it? I mean it is great, but I think the tail can be adjusted and the overall performance of the...
  13. §hade§

    Frieza Form 4

    I suppose the skeleton for the last two forms is messing the model, same thing as trying to get a char with another char's model....... looks like we gonna have to wait for esf 1.3 in order to have the model to work fine with the game.
  14. §hade§

    Frieza Form 4

    Hmmm... The model looks great, but I think the tail could be improved.... The model doesn't seem to work well as the evm 4th and 100% forms.....and when putting the 100% model for the frieza form 2, the death ball generates too low. I hope there''ll be adjustments to the model, or if someone...
  15. §hade§

    Frieza Form 4

    Awsome model Kreshi, good job. BTW, what do I do with the "thumbs" file?
  16. §hade§

    Optional models for powerlevels and battle damage

    There are many models around the web, let's take vegeta for example, we have vegeta with and without scouter, with and without saiyan armor, with his cool "majin outfit"....Maybe a battle damaged model.. But we can only have 2 of them. I think that it would be great if the esf team inserts a...
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