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  1. DragonSphere

    New pieces for ya guys

    I like number 3 but they all are cool...what did you use to create those pics? ^-^
  2. DragonSphere

    Darksun Goku

    Teh model looks cool
  3. DragonSphere


    Looks good! Keep it up.
  4. DragonSphere


    its OK i think :)
  5. DragonSphere


    cool map i love mario he rocks :D and hes fatttttt! :)
  6. DragonSphere

    New Attck

    i think that the discs should be a little more faster
  7. DragonSphere

    The power of some characters

    Its all about skill if you are good player you will win whit krillin but if you suck then you will loose... :P
  8. DragonSphere


    Well i dont listen music at all when i play i should try :) i think the cell vs gohan musics would be nice :) it would fit if you are fighting whit cell vs gohan :D
  9. DragonSphere

    Rate ESF

    And my ping showed 50 in server and it still lagged thats why i gave 9 dont think its my connection but dont know...still the mod rocks
  10. DragonSphere

    Rate ESF

    I gave it 9 only bad thing is that the servers lag and theres not much servers i think but i love the mod it rocks!
  11. DragonSphere

    Goten young

    Looks nice :)
  12. DragonSphere

    New SSJ3 Goku LIKE GT

    Nice models i think :)
  13. DragonSphere

    bebi vegeta

    Looks cool i think :)
  14. DragonSphere

    Saiyan Crusades, Goku.. Finaly?

    looks cool...good work man :=)
  15. DragonSphere

    GT Dragon Model Release !!!!

    Looks cool :)
  16. DragonSphere

    Dabura ( esf )

    Nice model i like it :)
  17. DragonSphere

    perfect freezer

    The face looks ugly :)
  18. DragonSphere

    super saiyan glow

    I think the glow sucks in DMZ it just dosent look cool :)
  19. DragonSphere

    3 goodys just for you ^_^

    Nice the power up looks cool :)
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