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    hours you play daily ESF

    im just like super_vegito34, around 30 minutes to 1 hour, sometimes i play sometimes i dont, depends on if i "feel" like it or not lol
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    ESF-World's POTM

    tis goku break dancing :D
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    Better Mobility :)

    hoooooray! for swooping!! i like the aura animation looks cool. btw this would be cool in melee cause u could pretend ur going for a head on and at the last second double tap left or right and then go around.....
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    Warning: If you have downloaded Sven Co-op 3.0...

    aww crap if only i had read this 1 hr sooner......
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    your first model replacement

    S-Bolts Ssj2 Gohan - it was cool
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    trying to make a movie

    i dont think u can
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    Renzoku or Burning attack?WHat is weekest?

    well if ur talking about which is weaker at the same amount of charge then i say burning attack but rezoku has more shots and u could easily make a kiblob around someone while they're shooting theyre beam and immobile
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    How much melee do you use?

    i use melee most of the time but when i'm bored and want to trans fast i make kiblobs
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    Gohan Release

    his head is kinda small dont ya think?
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    SSJ 2 Gohan

    i think that the veins stick out a little too much
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    i think its because he's opening his mouth and screaming so the chin goes down
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    ESF Evolution Addon

    hey is goku gonna get his Kaioken attack?
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    Goku too powerfull?

    ur one insane dude
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    What custom sounds are you using, post them if they are cool

    i made trunks trans sound: "Your about to find out what its like to fight a real supser saijain! and i'm not talking about goku!"
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    SSJ 2 gohans.....

    i think ur missing the bang or does that not come with the hair?
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    Solidus Returns

    how r u gonna make it so that he screams kamehameha when he's doing the kamehameha
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    How do you go around beating charge whores?

    all i do is just teleport to a certain distance close to them and then i swoop around them and hit them
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    Solidus Returns

    how many poly's is this gonna take?
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    Solidus Returns

    gj your skins have very nice detail to them.
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    my gotenks model edit

    what are the red circles on top of his forehead for?
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