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    I'm sick of lame meelee people.

    EFS Is a nice game, asslonge there are not meele losers around, always getting you in the back, or if you are bushy agianst a other with a beam, very irritating and it kills the fun, for most. I play it sometimes, and I get a lot more fun with out meelee losers, than with, only think they do...
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    Can't play cause of the models

    do not cheat? :P haha whel don't know
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    2 Erros with ESF on Steam, Installed all utilitys, game is installend good.

    Okey I get following errors. (download zip and look The game is installed right. Path is E:\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]\half-life\esf Downloaded CS-land think. So it must work. I never encounted any error in the past...
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    Invalid steam ticked 32

    Ok all mods ect works on steam. Ecept ESF. I download lates beta 1.1 and a fix for steam 2.0 Now everythink work fine if I run a server. but when I want to join a Server running with steam (I see 3 in whole world) I get this error, and with all other mods I do not get this. HELP...
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    ESF update to STEAM?

    Hello all. I don't know all mod makers are knowing this. Won will end over 2 weeks, this mean won wil not be able to play or host server, this means ESF will no longer playble the old way. My question is. Will ESF come on STEAM??? And when? thanks Azona
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