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    does this count as a combo or is it just cheap?

    Well I have tried doing something different. I once in a while I will try to get a big big ki blob and then throw the guy into the cliff. He should lose a deal fo damage from a combination of the throw and ki blob effects. :fight: :fight:
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    senzu beans

    Well, I think I was playing CTDB on the River Side level, I think it's called. Anyway, I found a black thing in the water. Once I picked it up I had three senzu beans. I don't know if that helps? :(
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    In the noob...

    Will that have the proper animations? I remember downloading some models and they did not have the proper animations. When using melee the character would just sit there and not show the animation of the melee. He would just simply stand there, the damage would still be done but it's stupid...
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    Summoning the Dragon?

    Ok in certain maps I can't use the dragonballs. In other maps they are under trees correct? Now how do I get those DB under the tree? Next: I have only summoned the Dragon once so run by me: What happens when I wish for: Immortality? Strength? Friendship? Thanks a Bunch, DR
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    Perfect Transformation?

    What exactly is the "Perfect Transformation?" o_o :scared:
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    Custom Chracters?

    AHHHH, that what I was doing wrong. I was using 1.1 models when I have 1.2. Yeah but theie are barely any models for 1.2. :\ :S
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    Custom Chracters?

    Bah, all the models suck. They don't move properly. Like when I melee, it just sits there and doesn't even throw a punch. Waste of time, I'm sticking with the old ones. I just wanted Perfect Cell and Kid Buu the most. I tried out, Vegeta Buu Saga...bah same thing, Gohan SS2 Bojack...same thing...
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    Custom Chracters?

    How do I use the custom characters and models from Red Saiyan? I downloaded SSJ3 Goku. Now, how do I use him in the game. Thanks a bunch DR :confused:
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    I can't run ESF

    Ok, I also would like to know. I'm a big Bid For Power fan and I would like to know, in ESF you have bots correct? Now to practice just like you do n BFP can I make a room and add bots and try out all the characters and such? Or do I have to play online all the time?
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    I can't run ESF

    I think I have steam, not WON. How do I get ESF into the Steam GIU? Installed it into the directory but ESF isn't in the play games list, does anybody know why?
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    I can't run ESF

    I have a big problem, I don't know if this was asked before though. Well, you see I downloaded ESF from the site recommendations and they are indeed fine. However, I think I have a problem with Steam and am not aware of how to use it for ESF. What I need to know is: What specific folder do I...
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