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  1. Brenker

    Check it

    Mah new signature is litttttt:fight:
  2. Brenker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Of course I have. Never beaten any of those games though, they're quite lengthy. :devsmile:
  3. Brenker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    The gameplay looks solid and smooth, maybe I play it one day
  4. Brenker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Cyberpunk 2077 guys lets talk about it :yes:
  5. Brenker


  6. Brenker


    test test test
  7. Brenker

    ESF Hacked?

    I googled "hacked by yuba" and found this website ...he apparently used this to mirror
  8. Brenker

    Special Forces!

    Voted for ordinary because gaem.
  9. Brenker

    My Birthday.

  10. Brenker

    My Birthday.

  11. Brenker

    My Birthday.

  12. Brenker

    My Birthday.

    Can I get something awesome? Like a tag, or a name color change? Dayummm
  13. Brenker

    [Old PotW] Piccolo in cell games

    Piccolo is fab. :smile:
  14. Brenker

    My Birthday.

    My Birthday is on April 22nd. Feeling really gud... checking this forum once again, watching dem pictures of ESF: Final :smile: :rolleyes: Turning 15. :yes: I might start modelling something again... for practice purposes. :s
  15. Brenker

    Dida learns to model

    Thank you Robiz. This is my first time using 3DS MAX :rolleyes:
  16. Brenker

    Dida learns to model

    Some full view screens:
  17. Brenker

    Dida learns to model

    Thanks. For the reflection.. well... I didn't come to that part yet lol.. I only put a basic light for now :P I downloaded tons of Tutorials :D now all I have to do is learn, model and be awesome! :smile:
  18. Brenker

    Dida learns to model

    I'm trying to model :smile: ;) :) :laff: My first try at making Pokeball :P
  19. Brenker

    Z Enters Unity ! Windows game

  20. Brenker

    How did you find ESF?

    LOLO LOLOLOL LOLLOLOL this is the most funniest sig that i ever saw...:laff::laff: What are those Zenny under our names?
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