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  1. Jakut

    Zenny ?

    But can you pay people now o.o
  2. Jakut

    This thread will be closed

    Decided to check on the good ol'forums and this is what I find D:
  3. Jakut

    Sting, the oldest guy in the Esf community

    I reckon there's someone in their 60's just browsing the "Real beauty is skin deep" thread for youngens.
  4. Jakut

    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    Well i haven't been here for a while O.o
  5. Jakut

    Poor Luigi

    The only thing I can add is Weegee
  6. Jakut

    The Mask vs The Hulk

    Mask is not immortal, heck if you judge by the comics, yes there are mask comics, heck the movie was kinda based on them, except the comics called him Big Head. And the only mask version that would have any chance against Hulk, would be Lobo Mask.
  7. Jakut

    The Mask vs The Hulk

    Actually, if you go by the animated series, Walter beat The Mask several times, in fact, he punched him so hard that it broke in two. And afaik, The Hulk is quite stronger than Walter, though Walter is completely indestructible >_> And some variations of the Hulk have Bruce Banners intellect.
  8. Jakut

    Mystery Character

    Come on guys, it's definitely Captain Mophead
  9. Jakut

    Young people who drink alot tend to have more sex

    But we hardly know each other, maybe coffee first? And drunk sex is good too. Well unless you wake up near a beached whale of a woman >_>
  10. Jakut

    True Blood

    Though I do watch the show, I still find it cheesy and bland O.o
  11. Jakut

    The "Name That Game" Game - v3.0!

    Even I don't have a slightest idea what that is O_o
  12. Jakut

    Chuck Norris

  13. Jakut

    Keep the Machine running

    I smell a road trip :D
  14. Jakut

    Expensive cigarettes =O

    Holy crap, and i thought 3 pounds a pack was steep O_o And the hell? No one's going to sue?
  15. Jakut

    The "Name That Game" Game - v3.0!

    Indigo Prophecy/ Fahrenheit
  16. Jakut

    The "Name That Game" Game - v3.0!

    Correct! And so the ball begins to roll. Though i really think that that game was posted before O.o
  17. Jakut

    The "Name That Game" Game - v3.0!

    It was Warlock
  18. Jakut

    Naruto of the Week[Spoilers Allowed]

    Danzo can even have some link to Obito. Again, same hairstyle and since Obito's right half was crushed, that could explain the missing hand and the f'ed up face.
  19. Jakut

    Google announces operating system, takes gmail + other apps out of beta

    The google people will probably make a completely backwards compatable OS like Windows 7 but that appeals more to the general public, as in even more user friendly. Though seeing what windows 7 can do now and what's planned, MS should'nt worry much in the near future, 5 - 10 years - maybe, now - no.
  20. Jakut

    Jakut in England!

    My god, do brits do anything besides smoke weed?
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