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  1. Epoq

    mmm...what do you think

    is there a site for that?
  2. Epoq

    mmm...what do you think

    you guys tell me. What would make the best and most fun mod besides dragonball z or gt
  3. Epoq


    thats not the same thing, you have to have the key bound before that even works, emeka
  4. Epoq


    go into properties on CS Retail of HL and type this...for example, it all depends where HL is C:\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game cstrike thats mine
  5. Epoq

    The ESF-Bot

    Emeka, you really need to clean your box, this may not have anything to do with this thread but i have no other way to contact you. CLEAN IT, Epoq
  6. Epoq

    What do u guys think of this?

    *Gasps*... Nice Work i like it Epoq
  7. Epoq

    Cell form 2

    I like SMO's models, nice work !
  8. Epoq

    Payable on Death

    P.o.d sucks ~~~~~of course thats my opinion, im a hardcore metal fan...i listen to bands like Zao and Hopesfall
  9. Epoq

    Goku and his sons are not creative...

    Hmm....well really its...well...erm....not something someone would think about, but really we cant do anything about it....we didnt think up all of that ask the creaters of DBZ the question "Good Question" Epoq
  10. Epoq

    Ki Blasts

    Yep, they got owned by copyright. So now ESF is the best. Oh, when did they move when firing their moves ? Epoq
  11. Epoq

    Fighting upside down while flying

    Good idea, i guess that would make it more 1337 and more fun for the players. And Its probably possible with ESF. Nice idea, Epoq
  12. Epoq


    ..hmmm yeah, the ideas not bad Emeka but.......that would be unfair for the stronger one like Reptile explained it. And dont let it get you down, I cant even think of one suggestion. Epoq
  13. Epoq

    super muscles

    Its not impossible but....i really dont think they would do that. It'd be kind of overwhelming to do that also. But heres the thing........... I dont think that they want to start the models all over.... But good idea for the next release after beta Epoq
  14. Epoq

    Cap the DB's

    Wishes..thats cool. But ones extreme as you said Goli, wouldnt be fun for the other players. They would respawn and die, again, and again, and so on. Epoq
  15. Epoq

    f***ing client.dll error ! (Hibiki put this one up on CLIENT.DLL PROBLEM Sticky) You might want to read the other threads before making a thread like this one Epoq
  16. Epoq

    f***ing client.dll error !

    There is a fix for that, DL it from Fileplanet. Same ****ty problem here, i had it before and the DL fixed it, let me get you a link. (There is a thread on Fix.)
  17. Epoq

    gundam models

    So what engine is it going to run on And also 2 peeps cant make a mod. Epoq
  18. Epoq


    Yeah, good, 56k servs suck. Hope it works out for ya Nomet.
  19. Epoq


    Hmm yeah i had that problem.... Heres an Idea. "Reinstall it, Im positive it will work"
  20. Epoq

    Can't Join Games

    No theres 1.6 out yet, DL 1.5
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