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  1. Naz

    Not a sig!

    rofl, you're still massing eyes! the round stuff looks good, needs depth though
  2. Naz

    Can someone give me a summary

    crazy stuff... I was like 15 when I first got here (21 now) so there's quite a youth sentiment :D. And yeah I used to spell my name as Nazghul, but that goes way way way back. I used to visit this site 24/7 back then, all these names I see now I remember anyway. It's good to see so many people...
  3. Naz

    Can someone give me a summary

    Sure I do magus! Anyone else changed their name o.o?
  4. Naz

    Can someone give me a summary

    lol, spin made the awesomest signatures and web layouts ever! Good times :) Should reinstall HL sometime maybe I can find some people playing
  5. Naz

    Can someone give me a summary

    I actually lost my password and never got a response to my email requesting for a reset ~~ Just checked and saw a lot of people retired. I was a mod here for a while and running redsaiyan with spin... but noticed not a lot is left of that name.
  6. Naz

    Can someone give me a summary

    I know Hwoarang! I was actually somewhat at disbelief the site was still up... I was mostly active at the art forum though. Is cuc still admin? What about cheeseman? Ryoko? Hibiki? VT? I see maj still is... Hsu?
  7. Naz

    Can someone give me a summary

    Of what happened here the last like.. 4 years? Kthx! Just checking to see how my favorite HL mod is doing... Anyone I know still active :scared:
  8. Naz

    What?! Naz makes a sig?!

    it was 500*100 originally so yeah.. The two objects (3d and the tentacle + balls) were originally huge aswell.
  9. Naz

    What?! Naz makes a sig?!

    Once every 3 months is a good pace I'd say ^_^ Everything in there is made by moi Naz
  10. Naz

    The Infamous Hate Thread, reloaded

    You call that an insult? You're a disgrace kid, and WTF is up with your 12 line sig, do you think I aint got anything better to do then scrolling over your signature with useless info. Remove that crap, nobody cares.
  11. Naz

    1280x1024 Background

    looks like a bunch of rips - I know it isn't, but that's what rippers normally come up with. Nothing fits together, from the typography, to the change in colors, to the brushing, to the fraxflames to the shapes, it's not a whole, it doesn't flow. To keep this constructive; Brush manually -...
  12. Naz

    The Other Dimension & Burst of Fire

    I'm anti mainstream perhaps, but artwork doesnt require a study or a meaning. For me, it needs to be beautiful, I need to like watching it, I do like those shapes, they interest me and give me a feeling of "hey that looks nifty". Not saying it's an amazing piece, you have a long way to go...
  13. Naz

    Clan Banner

    I think the previous posters are over-sceptical. I like it a lot personally, effective, easy on the eyes
  14. Naz

    Some Billboard

    looks nokia-ish I would edit the hands with photoshop to give them a different skin tone, right now it doesnt show the idea behind it correctly.
  15. Naz

    Please can someone do this. ?
  16. Naz

    Clash of the Titans

    You're likely right actualy.. it's been WAY too long, I should dl some episodes :o by the way, for those who havent seen the "Ultimate Showdown"
  17. Naz

    Revamped Pieces

    I cannot stand comments like this, 90 procent of the time they aren't based on anything. But in your defense, if it's common as hell, please show me something which is so similar. Other then my space-scene (which is indeed a populair style, even though mine is still original) I never see...
  18. Naz

    Clash of the Titans

    WATER! WIND! FIRE! ICE! EARTH! By your powers combined, i am CAPTAIN PLANET Captain Planet would own all of them including super chuck norris ANY day! But I'm going to have to go with the Mega Zoid if Captain planet ain't an option ;(
  19. Naz

    Revamped Pieces

    Holla, there was a request in the signature forum to show what I've done in the last months, I've mostly been doing work for other people, simple posters which I really don't consider artistic in any way. However, since I'm printing my posters I needed to revamp some of the old ones...
  20. Naz

    newyear sig

    hm... I think there are still some pieces left, I'll make a topic.
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