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  1. grOOvy


    I remember you guys :). I was in ~{ape}~ briefly before starting my own clan (|::Z::|) back in the day. I don't play ESF these days, but this certainly brought back some old memories!
  2. grOOvy

    A blast from the past -- Ancient ESF stuff inside

    Good to see you around, Mr Satan. And you too, Majin_You! Looking at that image made me dig through my old screenshots. It's absolutely terrifying to think that it's been over a decade since I took so many of these screenshots. I found the old group photos as well:
  3. grOOvy

    I was such an idiot

    :warning: Warning :warning: for invoking nostalgia. Also I misread cya for cyka. Too much Dota.
  4. grOOvy

    RIP Deman

    Wait, Deman as in Miroku? D: That is really sad to hear. :/ I hope his family and loved ones have the strength to move on.
  5. grOOvy

    Today we have been blessed by some pure ownage.

    Oh god the art forums were a mess back in the day (Can we say "back in the day" now? I think we can, this forum has been around for a while). So many warnings given to people, and so many rip-offs. EEA was indeed awesome, and Zack is still around and has been consumed by WoW I think.
  6. grOOvy

    Vegeta's ultimate sacrifice

    Not sure if serious, or if simply luring innocent forum members to scream into their microphones like Vegeta.
  7. grOOvy

    Iron Man 3

    I'll take any new Marvel movie, and that one looks awesome.
  8. grOOvy

    What do you do for a living?

    Software Engineer, recently decided to go back to school so now I'm a grad student at GT. Anyone in/near Atlanta? Also secretly breeding an army of hippos to counter ze german robots.
  9. grOOvy

    Guild Wars 2 Gathering

    ArenaNet has actually done a great job obfuscating technology behind servers and regions, and made the game a lot more social. You basically have one Guild Wars 2 username/tag (name + 4 randomly generated numbers, for example: Fumoffu.1234) and you use that for everything social. You can add...
  10. grOOvy

    Guild Wars 2 Gathering

    I bought it and have been playing since release. This game has some of the most breath taking scenery I have ever seen in a video game, and I am really enjoying it thus far. Poke me if you know me and are also playing, and I'll add you to my friends list ingame.
  11. grOOvy

    New Build

    Well there's a name I haven't seen around in ages! I used the Antec 900 for years and it is a good case with great cooling. If you don't mind spending a bit more, the Corsair 600T White is another fantastic case; one that I personally used in my latest build. If that 1TB hard drive is for OS...
  12. grOOvy

    anyone know who this guy is?!?!?

    You can search Google using images as well now. I copy-pasted that jpeg file's URL into Google search via image, and it seems that the person in question is Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of USA.
  13. grOOvy

    Choosing a Laptop

    Er, I'd stay away from integrated graphics (Intel HD3000) if you want to use the laptop for decent gaming, especially at higher resolutions (say, if hooked up to an external display). BestBuy isn't the go-to place when it comes to buying hardware while getting the most bang for your buck...
  14. grOOvy

    Thundercats OMFG No Way!

    The show is being animated by a Japanese Studio under Warner Bros' strict supervision. So yeah, I guess "Americanime" is pretty accurate.
  15. grOOvy

    Son of the Sword

    Congrats! :3 Will you induct him into the way of the geek as he grows? Expose him to metal & Star Wars, make him play NES/SNES games before anything current-generation, and make him assemble his own PCs? The possibilities...
  16. grOOvy

    The Good Ol' Days.

    Doesn't FM hold the record for being banned the most number of times? And speaking of notoriety, I remember some guy called "Devil" (or something along those lines) who used to go around crashing ESF servers all the time in version 1.1.
  17. grOOvy

    ESF 10-Year Public Release Anniversary

    You said it... time just flies. I wish I could rewind back to when I was 18 and do some things differently. But yeah, definitely some good times.
  18. grOOvy

    Galaxy S vs iPhone 4

    My post was a personal take on the two phones based on experience with both. If someone uses two products (initially with an unbiased frame of mind), and ends up getting a much better experience with one of them, then that will most certainly reflect in said person's comments. I am not going to...
  19. grOOvy

    So, who'd be interested in hearing me sing on Rock Band?

    Aha, I see. Yeah, I think Electric Eye would be a perfect match for your voice. You should do a video, makes it more entertaining!
  20. grOOvy

    Galaxy S vs iPhone 4

    (Assuming you are talking about the first Samsung Galaxy S, and not II.) I have used both phones, and my Dad recently sold his Samsung Galaxy S and replaced it with an iPhone 4. The two phones, and more importantly their mobile operating systems, are very very different from each other. And...
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