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  1. SA_Shift

    Gundam Online

    It's a shame there is no trial for this. Even if it were for only 24 hours, that would give me the time to evaluate the game and find out if it's worth my time, money, and attention. I am a fan of most of the Gundam series, but not mmos. Most are bad regardless of the theme. Like star wars...
  2. SA_Shift

    Anyone know any good mappers

    Could you give me the link to this tutorial?
  3. SA_Shift

    Anyone know any good mappers

  4. SA_Shift

    Anyone know any good mappers

    Thx for the reply, but I guess I gave you the wrong idea. What I'm trying to ask is if you know any good mapping programs that I could use. Like Q3radiant or gmax.
  5. SA_Shift

    Anyone know any good mappers

    Anyone know any good mapping programs Hey, I enjoy mapping alot but so far I've only been mapping with gstudio and haf-life. Does anyone know any good mapping programs that I could practice with and their home page links?
  6. SA_Shift

    Picking on the weaker guys

    Look, everytime I get a very high pl while I'm online with friends or playing by myself and someone decides to join and I of course fight him I lose a lot of pl. And they get a lot of pl. the last part is fine, but if I lose 5mil everytime I'm attacked be the weaker guy, eventually I'll lose...
  7. SA_Shift

    lol i must do my duty

    G, Schools out for me. And besides, your going to play it anyway
  8. SA_Shift

    To all my future ESF adversaries

    Hey y'all, listen up. You may think you have what it takes to play ESF, but where were online and duking it out, prepare to get some serious but whuppin. In other words, your MINE!!!!! I'll turn you into candy before you leave my arena!
  9. SA_Shift

    Power Wave

    Hey, here an idea, when you are in a power struggle, I think you should here some screaming from both player. Or atleast some grunting to let the player know the there not just going, " ka me ha ma ha, blah blah blah look at me i'm shooting a power wave. Instead it should be...
  10. SA_Shift

    The ESF-Bot

    Look, the last bots that I saw was lame. Not to mention brainless. My opinion, put those darn bots in the game, but for only the reason that I need something to shoot at so I can get to the next level faster. Don't y'all agree? And if it's not to much effort, make'em smarter, I need...
  11. SA_Shift

    Perfect Transformations

    In the Manual it ses something about perfect trans, what does that mean? I saw krillin have a PT of 8,000,000 what does that mean? It seems that eveybody except for Buu and cell, has a PT level.
  12. SA_Shift

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Esf and the crew Now Gives us some more games to eat were bored.
  13. SA_Shift

    The ESF-Bot

    Look about the ESF bot, it would be good if they were there. On the other hand, I don't care if they there and they are as dumb as a door nail.
  14. SA_Shift


    In some levels I think there should be a gizmo of some sort. Like a gravity machine or a hyperbolic time chamber or something and when you use them and use them over a fair period of time, then your pl goes up gradually. Is my idea too hard to be put on the HL, or is it too hard to be done...
  15. SA_Shift

    Power ups

    Hey, When you hit the power up button I think everyone else in the near vincinity should be push away be the experience. At least a little. Thats just an idea.
  16. SA_Shift

    Ki Blasts

    Hey look, like in BFP, you should also be able to move while you fire. In the show you are not prohibited from moving while firing your largest attack or whatever. Please make so that in ESF you are able to move while firing. Does anybody else agree with me?
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