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    Advanced dust effects

    I like it all, helps you feel the power in the hits. Although there are some parts with alot of dust (Ki explosions), a little less would be perfect so you can still see.
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    Kai Voice Actors.

    This, this, and this. Glad I got to watch the show through the funimation dub for voices and music.
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    Destruction Answers

    Nice interview, explaining things. Hopefully more of these are done along the way.
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    [Old PotW] New Nice Potw

    This, times 10
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    Questions regarding soundtrack for ESF: Final

    Is it just me or do you guys prefer DBZ's music and character themes over DBZ kai's? It was tough for me to watch Kai because of the soundtrack lol.
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    *Map* ESF_Buu

    Tunnel seems long. Thought it would be half that. Buu map looks really cool though. ______ Hope more people help out. Good luck! Definitely spread the word on more places besides the esf site :)
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    [Old PotW] New Vids yall

    Just wanted to say those explosions are pretty amazing compared to what we had before. And still Half life 1. Nice day/night too. Im assuming theres gonna be a command to have only day or only night also.
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    Turbo Options?

    This part I like. So many fighting games are never balanced and have extreme high tier and low tiers.
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    Transformations in esf final

    What did you guys have in mind to try and help fix all this?
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    New Gameplay Videos

    Looking forward to it :). Game looks pretty good Haha. Hope its finished soon, cant wait to play.
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    Update: Punching dinsosaurs in the face.

    lol seems kind of random but could be funny ingame
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    Added Beam Control

    agreed!! FINALLY beams will be more balanced. Just have to work on the damage fairness ;) (too strong!) can something like that work?
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    Melee design and stamina system concept

    I duno, even though beams take alot of stamina, they are still OP. Instant kill moves. Damage needs to be reduced by alot. Ki attacks also. Those combos sound like 1.2 advance melee, isnt that being taken out. That mortal kombat system sucks lol (1.2). Wayyy to complicated. Unless...
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    Minor Knock Back After Transformation

    I think this is the best idea, because transformations are so longgg if someone is constantly hunting you down (1v1) then your never going to get a chance to transform. You should only be vulnerable for the beginning, then invincible after a few seconds. I think he covered all the stuff so...
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    Random Suggestions

    i like the evasion and throw idea. The evasion adds depth so we dont have to travel in straight lines all the time lol. And the throw is nice too so you can control the battle. Reminds me of super smash brothers. You can throw an opponent forward, up, or back, depending where you want him...
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    [Riced] and other old schoolers - still around?

    I started in 1.1 if that counts for anything lol.
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    long time?

    woops this was awhile ago. nahh lol, i just meant i really liked playing esf before with friends. Its not thats it taking a while to finish, but in the mean time were stuck with something that is unplayable from a multiplayer aspect. Thats where esf is now, instead of being a playable game...
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    HAHAHHA nvm i found out i had 2 accounts. I logged into the other one on accident, LOL I can see the force pit now :)
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    New advanced melee idea (Yes another, I hope its simple enough)

    haha sounds the same as that newer mortal kombat game.. where you had 3 stances: 2 fighting styles, and a weapon mode. It does seem a little complicated though.
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    Atack on Swoop

    yea thats pretty much what it was.. All beam attacks were too destructive (high damage / 1 shot multi-kills) while melee didnt do enough damage when compared. Plus combos were very low.
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