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  1. CM

    Mass Mail Hoax of Dec 30

    I realize that, and again, I idle the minion IRC channel, play CS and such with the people there, and etc. So, I guess, I AM MINION, DIRTY BUTTPLUG, or something to that effect. EDIT: Plus, I've been doing everything I mentioned since, like, a year or so ago, so yeah.
  2. CM

    Mass Mail Hoax of Dec 30

    I idle the IRC channel.
  3. CM

    Mass Mail Hoax of Dec 30

    It's almost as buggy as 1.2 when it was released. <_< Plus, I got free force pit access. It's not like I'm going to steal all of your forum accounts. Minions have the source code and are making their own mod--not based on the source code, mind you. Kurt doesn't really like the ESF code.
  4. CM

    Gears of War

    As for story, RTFM and pay attention. It's sort of Half-Life style where it's subtle, but I do agree, it is pretty thin. Anyway, gamertag is in sig.
  5. CM

    Say a game starting with the next letter..

    Zero Wing?
  6. CM

    New Spiderman 3 Trailer: 10:00 EST tonight.

    Ugh. Harry is NOT Hob Goblin. He's Green Goblin II.
  7. CM

    ESF Group Picture of 2006

    I want to be in, either as myself (preferrably): Or Jigsaw's puppet, Billy:
  8. CM

    Your List.

    Here's my list:
  9. CM

    Vegetto Skinage WIP

    Something off about his mouth and eyebrows. Too fat looking?
  10. CM

    Im lost guys....

    *Begins taking clothes off*
  11. CM

    Peter Jackson: Making a Game.. again?

    Peter Jackson's King Kong is the official title of the King Kong movie, and thus the game. He had nothing to do with the game.
  12. CM

    YO AxMan

    MORE! DRINK MORE! DRINK! DRINK! Happy birthday.
  13. CM

    For What?

    word. Also, yes, bullies simply want attention. Stay away from them. They are very mean. What are you reading this for?
  14. CM

    Company of heroes Screenshot thread

    Will post screenies here too once I install and play the full version, but DAMN the demo's awesome.
  15. CM

    Dawn of War: Conquest Thread

    WEWT! Played a few games with Cap_J. First round, I was in a deadlock with their dudes while Cap_J took all the critical points, then he joined up with me and we raped their base. Second round, same deal, different map. The third round though, we played against an Insane comp. We both built...
  16. CM

    Dawn of War: Conquest Thread

    My army of minions, with Lee's wall of awesome in the backdrop.
  17. CM

    Dawn of War: Conquest Thread

    I'm the one on the right, ppls.
  18. CM

    Manliest Name Ever

    Clint Eastwood. End.
  19. CM

    What's the Avatar Above You Saying?

  20. CM

    Simple Render Thread.

    Phonso, is that a 330i? My bro has a 330i 2007.
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