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    Thank you

  3. CCMesh

    Post your funky ESF pics!

    Better keep this going after Final gets released
  4. CCMesh

    My idea for a Main Menu (ESF)

    Or every few seconds it'll change to another picture like Garry's Mod
  5. CCMesh

    Is the first developer of Earth special forces here with us?

    Need more salt in your passive aggressive food?
  6. CCMesh

    Payments Please

    No means no :-/
  7. CCMesh


    I doubt there's a need for translation lol
  8. CCMesh

    What do you need?

    I need a steak. Right now.
  9. CCMesh

    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    You shouldn't be stuck until the ball is gone. Beam types should always win against ball types period. If you want, you can make the ball consume a little bit of your opponent's stamina (the one power struggling with it) and then after a second or two, the ball should explode and the beam would...
  10. CCMesh

    A message to the admins and developers

    I see you've matured in 4-5 years, you're an ADULT now. :>
  11. CCMesh

    Discord Information and Rules

    What about blockheads?
  12. CCMesh

    The ESF Final is dead ?

    I believe ESF is the only game this team is going to create. Also they don't get paid you know? It's not like they are teenagers that have a lot of free time they are all grown ups by now they have lives.. Just wait a little longer.
  13. CCMesh

    You could make a little effort, ahm?

    Join the discord server, people are active there.
  14. CCMesh

    Beam Cancelling

    I guess you're right
  15. CCMesh

    Beam Cancelling

    Yes I know that
  16. CCMesh

    Beam Cancelling

    Dragon Ball ep98 goku cancels his kamehameha to keep energy from being wasted. In ESF when you are charging your beams your KI runs out, how about when you cancel it you regain the KI lost ?
  17. CCMesh

    toggle flying mode

    It didn't work
  18. CCMesh

    toggle flying mode

    It doesn't work when I bind shift to toggle flying mode (default F) for some reason but binding shift on jump works fine, anyone knows how to fix this ?
  19. CCMesh

    Help to Play esf Online

    That's not esf online hlev, check esfo out it's one of the best games ever
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