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  1. Rayna

    Who smoke?

    I was just saying that it's a bit harsh to point someone out as the "only" common sense person. That's all. (:
  2. Rayna

    Who smoke?

    Well that's not nice towards the rest of the smokers in here, are you maybe jumping to conclusions? >_<
  3. Rayna

    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    hehe, don't be sorry, it's your opinion (: and it helps, i bet if people only heard good coments about their sigs there would never be any improvements, yes? (: toda critica es buena, siempre que sea constructiva I was going for a "silent hill-ish" theme because the pic i took of my cat was...
  4. Rayna

    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    You've got a nice combo of avatar and signature, the sig is a bit plain but it has a nice flow, the font and upper line are bugging me a bit though... so 7/10 for the ava+sig combo. By the way I figure I should add the option to rate the avatar as well if people feel like it, as a combo with...
  5. Rayna

    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    Thought this might be a fun thread to "revive", since this part of the forum seems a bit dead... You rate the signature of the last person that posted on a 1 to 10 scale. Explaining your rating is optional but it will make the thread more fun to read (and might also help someone improve...
  6. Rayna

    Make a fun day thread

    Fonejacker :) One very dedicated salesman This is something you dont see every day... (: Bill Bailey's "Drum n Bush"...
  7. Rayna

    anytime ^^

    anytime ^^
  8. Rayna

    hello (:

    hello (:
  9. Rayna

    My New Sign (Sat 7 November 2009)

    That "mous4u" text brings the sig down - by a lot. The Gohan image behind main-Gohan is also a bit dodgy, imo. I would keep it plain and remove the image in the back, perhaps center him a bit (but not too much, unless you want the whole to be simetrical) OR somehow blend the image in the back a...
  10. Rayna

    Who smoke?

    Unfortunately I smoke. I managed to quit for around 3 months this summer but got sucked into smoking again. I do what I can to respect non-smokers, I keep my smoke away from people that don't smoke and specially away from children (preferably I will smoke somewhere they dont see me do it, just...
  11. Rayna

    This Can't be Good

    Big Brother is getting nasty (: Way too much freedom on those internets... eh? let's cut that **** down A popular icelandic (pay-per-month-channel) television show is getting edgy with people downloading it here in Iceland and copyright owners are threatening IP-tracking (invasion of...
  12. Rayna

    Dragonball96's Signatures

    Of these sigs the "best" one is the one you are currently using (james hetfield) - you seem to have reached that counclusion yourself though (: I would discard all the others, they are way too raw, but keep at it - the more you play around with it the better the results (:Þ
  13. Rayna

    geuss who B-day it is!

    Happy -one year closer to death- day ;)
  14. Rayna


    Glad you are doing well :D Party in your basement?
  15. Rayna


    Glad you are doing well :D Party in your basement?
  16. Rayna

    Happy Birthday Cold Steel

    Happy birthday, you (:
  17. Rayna

    Happy Birthday to...

    Happy carebear day o:
  18. Rayna

    Little question

    I have photoshop 7 hehe, just have to figure out how to do it, was looking for any program more specialized in just painting, I'll be checking those you guys pointed out, cheers. @Grega: dunno about being back, this might be more like dropping by, but thanks anyhow ;3
  19. Rayna

    Sig. Final: Bapplebo vs Jariroth

    My vote goes to Jariroth because bapplebo's sig dosent stick with the theme, even though he probably spent more time on it than Jariroth did.
  20. Rayna

    Little question

    Was wondering, are some of you guys using any program/s to color your drawings (and if so which one)? Cheers.
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