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    Problem with Kami's Lookout map

    Got it, sorry.
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    The Matrix fans unite!!

    Why don't you just get Enter the Matrix on a console, I'm getting the Gamecube version, I don't think that it'll be on 6 discs.
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    Problem with Kami's Lookout map

    Incase, you haven't noticed, there is no trigger hurt at the base of the Kami's Lookout map. I've never played online, mainly because I can never find an Australian server running ESF, but whenever I play against bots (I don't know what type of bots they are, but they are very stupid) they run...
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    Metroid mod for HL

    With the number of mods out, it's a wonder that no-one has made a mod of the Nintendo series, Metroid. Most of you should know about the female bounty hunter, Samus Aran, raised by the Chozo as a warrior from the age of 2 when she was orphaned by the Space Pirates. At the age of 16, she was...
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    Transformation, Shake

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    Diamond Halo

    Cool. Is there any light or is it all invisible?
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    New character and attack

    This is another of his attacks, Goku also has it.
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    New character and attack

    Reflecting on the only DBZ-related user name I could think of for registration, I remembered the Other World Tournament fighter, Picon, West Kai's best fighter. Remembering his fight with Goku, I thought of a new attack for ESF, Tracking Energy Balls (you're welcome to find the proper name)...
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    An Advanced Ki Bar

    The basic idea sounds good, I'd really like this in a version of ESF. But maybe you should have a way of bringing it up on screen for a short time. From what I've gathered from the show, the characters always know how much energy they have, what you're suggesting means that n00bs who don't...
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    Most Logical (New) Characters to have in ESF?

    17, 18, Goten, Trunks, Gotenks, Dabura. Dabura's spit could be a paralysis move and if the statue is hit with any attack, it shatters, but the spit could have the speed tweaked so that it isn't spamed. Gotenks would add humour value and the idea about Goten and Trunks working together like...
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    Beam Idea!! (read)

    Maybe it should just be limited to the generic beam.
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