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  1. Diablos

    'You think you can beat ME?!'

    My gf abused her admin powers on another forum to change my sig to shadow from space channel 5 pt2, so i had to touch it up and add the text she wrote as a part of the sig. Seeing as he's so ubercool, i figured i'd use him here too. The text is a quote from the game itself, you have to see it to...
  2. Diablos

    tda's sword CARNAGE

    Just some pics i've taken related to using my sword since i got it. There's more but i can't seem to find em atm =/ This is a good action shot... And these are some screencaps from a movie i made a while ago when we got all that february snow here in the UK Poor snowman here in my...
  3. Diablos

    wewt diablos siggeh

    Didn't try very hard on this as its only a sig, but i likes the outcome. Used lines from a broly pic i did a while back and gave him a lil shading. Figured i'd post it and see what you all think. [/spam] :laff: Props to Angryblue for the brushes i used.
  4. Diablos

    diablos' art kinda style thread thing ~ wooo \o/

    Here you go opty, prepare for much spammage XD And to start, i shall summon a daemon! Grahhgh 2 hrs speedy mo-fo paint type thing. I nicked the idea for the pose, so there.
  5. Diablos

    diablos' art kinda style thread thing ~ wooo o/

    Here you go opty, prepare for much spammage XD And to start, i shall summon a daemon! Grahhgh 2 hrs speedy mo-fo paint type thing. I nicked the idea for the pose, so there.
  6. Diablos

    Gran Turismo 4 Photos :laff:

    Have any of you guys messed around making your own photographs in GT4 yet? I've done a few photos of my Charger and one of my Saleen so far, driving purely to make a good photograph is fun. If you have any pics of your cars, be sure to show them off here :)
  7. Diablos

    Dark Knight

    Outnumbered, surely this is the Dark Knight's final battle? Been drawing and painting for around 2.5 hours so far, still plenty left to do. Taking a little more care on this one than the dragon pic.
  8. Diablos


    Pretty self explanitory... RAWRRGH Quick 1 hour piece.
  9. Diablos

    Ion Cannon

    I FINALLY came up with a pose i like for this dude. I've been trying to draw him since the weapon in the picture (ion cannon) was concepted almost 6 months ago, so you could say i "borrowed" the weapon/idea from the hl2 mod i'm working for :laff:. This took about an hour from start to...
  10. Diablos

    College Sucks.

    Not much to say about this. Bored of college so got to eva drawing, 15 min sketch. If you know the show you'll know the episode.
  11. Diablos

    College STD poster

    Done for a College project. The brief was to design a striking poster that would alert youngsters to the dangers of STD's, so there's mine. Excuse the huge size. Simplicity was my angle on this. I'd say it took around 2.5 hours on paper, redrawn in photoshop in about 2 hours. I'm also...
  12. Diablos

    Evangelion Fanart

    Evangelion Fanart #2 I havent posted anything in quite a while as im trying to get out of this rut i'm in (quite unsucsessfully) at the moment, however, here's something i'm going to try and see through to at least colours hopefully... Here is the 1st wip, didnt bother making a thread here...
  13. Diablos

    1.2.2/3 > Strange latency problems.

    This might not be a bug per-say, but it's something that started happening after the 1.2.2/3 patch (i'm not entirely sure which build started the problem because i downloaded and installed them at the same time). If this has been posted before please don't eat me alive, i did quickly look...
  14. Diablos

    Eternal-Silence Concept Arts

    I just finished up and posted these concepts for the hl2 mod Eternal Silence, and i thought you guys might like to have a look. 2 Concept Pieces: And a special ES wallpaper made out of one of them (warning, 1600x1200 image): I'm planning to do some full body pics later, these are...
  15. Diablos

    mmmm, Katana.

    I ordered this four days ago, and it arrived today :D. I thought you guys might like to take a look. It's a full tang carbon steel katana, measures 41.2" from end to end. It's heavy but perfectly balanced, and friggin' razor sharp. I was wiping the grease off that it shipped in and i...
  16. Diablos

    1970 Challenger

    Yeah i know what you're thinking, "A car on the ESf forum modelling bit, wtf?", but i just finished rendering these so i thought i'd show em off. It's somewhere around 8000 tris, and its destined for a few games/places.
  17. Diablos

    Brolli Fanart (you know why).

    Yup, i've been playing some ESF with the awesome Brolli pack by GodGundam (and everyone else who helped of course), and i was inspired to do a brolli piece of my own :) Here's the rough draft, sketched up most of the major areas (but im not going to do a full body, i'm too lazy :P). The face...
  18. Diablos

    Some wip thing...

    You know how it is, you get that irresistable urge to scribble.. well this is what came out. The pose is one of "the wannabe hero headed out on wreckless adventure", and he's dragging his sidekick along. :) Just wondering what other people think before i clean him up, in the...
  19. Diablos

    I'll cut your face off

    This was fun to colour, although i personally prefer the plain lineart... and i want to own his cool leather jacket . Some hours in photoshop, you can scope the plain lines here And a DA link is here [Shout out to...
  20. Diablos

    Animé character development

    Started thinking a bit more into some of the characters i've done in past pics (one of which i've posted here and a few crappy pencil sketches) and i felt like 2 of them needed a bit of developing, because i think they are pretty damn cool. Here's some links to what i've done so far, the 1st...