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  1. DBZFever

    Goku - First Texture

    Hello all, I am learning to texture characters, and comments would be appreciated =) Model: Dendza Texture: DBZFever Reference used:
  2. DBZFever

    Cell Saga Vegeta

    Model by Andlin. C&C would be very much appreciated.
  3. DBZFever

    Goku =)

    Just started modeling, this could be considered my first. Just wanted C&C on the finished robe before I do the rest =) Thank ya!
  4. DBZFever

    Remade Rocklee

    I am yet to add colors, and i know the shoes are screwed, but here is the general structure. (Ref by DavidSkiwan)
  5. DBZFever

    How do I open ports?

    Exactly what the title says.
  6. DBZFever

    Rock Lee!

    =) Tell me what you think....
  7. DBZFever

    My First Model - Buu =)

    Hey this is my first model, please dont be too harsh :) It's only a torso at the moment but I think I still can get some crits.
  8. DBZFever

    3DS MAX Help Please

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could show me how to model a character in 3DS Max. I've searched everywhere on the internet for a step by step tutorial on how to create a full model, but I could not find anything. Plus I learn faster if someone is teaching me. Thanks. -DBZFever
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    look in my sig
  10. DBZFever

    Check out a dbz rpg

    DBZ RPG FOR HL2 at
  11. DBZFever

    i was wondering if anyone wanted to give me modelling lessons

    because the tutorials dont help me
  12. DBZFever

    crashing problem

    well, when i put Open GL mode on, HL crashes, when i put software mode on, esf crashes :cry:
  13. DBZFever

    model not ripped

    "they ripped goku's model! they try to cover their ass by putting "By Entering This Page I Am Accepting The Fact That I Cannot:... 3) Charge Any Of The Staff\Persons Of Stealing, Fraud, Or Anything That Shall Harm Anyone" fortunatly, that wont hold up in any court, period. you cannot...
  14. DBZFever

    Modellers needed for RPG!

    There is a new Dragonball Z RPG HL Modifcation in progress. We have mappers, skinners, animators, texture artists, 2d artists, but we need modellers! The Website is and the name is being changed to Dragonball Z Adventure. If anyone is willing to model for us, please...
  15. DBZFever

    Anyone giving drawing lessons?

    This is how i draw right now, and i was wondering if anyone could give me some drawing lessons
  16. DBZFever

    Help with a new mod

    There is a new mod for hl starting out and we need some staff. We still need 1.Coder 2.Webmaster 3.Person do to sprites 4.Sound the website is and if you are interested please reply or contact me and if someone locks this post please pm me your answer : )
  17. DBZFever

    Beam Jump?

    I dont get what a beam jump is. Can anyone tell me?
  18. DBZFever

    Making a new mod, asking for help.

    Hey everyone. Well, me and my friend are getting together to make a new DragonballZ mod. The name still hasnt been figured out, but we are looking for some skilled mappers, modellers and or skinners, and coders. If anyone is interested in joining the team, reply below or contact me. If you have...
  19. DBZFever

    Can someone explain what melee is

    Can someone explain what melee is besides hitting people?
  20. DBZFever

    Help with 1.1 beta

    Hey, i dont know if this has been posted before, but when i play esf 1.1, i cant use trunks melee attack unless i am playing on ESF's server.