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    haven't posted here in a while..

    Just wondering what you guys think. I know alot of you around here are really improving :P
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    Looking for a little upgrade.

    Hey, im looking into getting a upgrade, But I'm not sure if these things will work with the specs i have now. Im looking to get these 3 things.
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    OK so video playing not working. pissed off.

    Hey, just downloaded bleach 121 and can't watch it now. Im using VLC media player, and the picture is just black, and maybe a month ago it was working fine. So, it won't show any of the picture, it just will show black, but the audio works. Ive tried using windows media player, just plays audio...
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    Problem with using text in Photoshop CS2.

    Hey all, having a problem with photshop. When I type anything even with a simple default font like Arial, it will all be in capitals, no matter what. No, caps lock is not on. It just all is in upper case no matter what in any font. This only happens in photoshop, it works normal in paint. I am...
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    Games not doing too good with vista...

    Hey. I just got vista, and I can't really play any games anymore. I've lost about 10-15 fps in every game, i can't even play wc3 without it being really slow and unplayable. Everything ran smooth as silk before when i was on XP. So, is this the cost of switching to vista? I'm not sure i have the...
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    j e h u t y :o

    came up with the little selection tool mark effect thing myself, was wondering if u guys thought it looked bad or good
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    time travel - - -

    Abstract... ,
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    RAYMAN !

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    albedo >>

    tried to change a little from my regular style.
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    shinji version2

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    whoo.. its been a while. This is one of my first large art pieces, just was wondering what you guys thought about it.
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    scanner darkly

    Had an urge to make a sig of this movie.
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    sprite sig... kazuma

    What cha think?
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    my favourite so far.. :O

    (the vector was made by me)
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    abstract ..

    :S I posted this earlier but it got deleted or something...
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    f e r r y . c o r s t e n ..

    greatest dance dj ever! Edit: woops, just noticed i didnt put this in the signatures sub-forum, if someone could move it that would be great.
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    w o l v e r i n e . .

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    jin... again :/

    | | | | | | | |
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    Just noticed some mistakes. v2: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
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    J . I . N ..

    ? I donno about this one, im just kind of experimenting.