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  1. Chakra-X

    Pokemon Sun and Moon's Olivia

    I fell in love with her in the trailer <33
  2. Chakra-X

    Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo, my Sonic Fan Film sequel!

    Hey guys! LONGGGG TIME NO SEEEE. I peep in every now and then to check the status of the mod ;) But I recall some members remembering my old Sonic fan film "Nazo Unleashed". Well I have grown a lot since then, doing personal stuff and professional stuff, and now I decided to make a final...
  3. Chakra-X

    Kill la Kill Fanart

    Started as a sketch on the train since I had not done fan art in a while, liked it enough to color!
  4. Chakra-X

    New Female Character Model

    I haven't dabbled in 3D modeling since Junior year in College, so in the past few months I went back at it to make a character from my senior thesis. I see things I could do better, but I was actually really proud how it came out. I am not that good at painting, so the texturing was the practice...
  5. Chakra-X

    Eclipse Force- My new action short

    For those who do not know, I go to school for animation. I will be graduating soon, but I recently finished my senior thesis animation that I've worked on for 10 months. If you like Dragonball Z or Naruto like action, you may like it haha.
  6. Chakra-X

    Dragonball Z Animation Exercise We were given a pre rigged dummy model and had to animate to an animation based off our choice of sound clip. I chose Dragonball Z :D
  7. Chakra-X

    Solar Super Form

    This if for a character in my senior thesis animation. He's a a hand to hand fighter with powers that draw from the Sun. When he is in direct sunlight, after absorbing enough energy, can transform in to a much more powerful version of himself where his skin glows red and his eyes glow white...
  8. Chakra-X

    I Demand a "Like" Button

    I don't care how useless, superfluous, and ePenis-boosting it is, when I see a post I like, I want to "like" it i.e. Facebook. I feel awkward typing "lol good one, Sub". Sub does not want to hear me ramble about him. I'm sure he'd rather enjoy a healthy number showing the amount of likes or...
  9. Chakra-X

    More Dragonball Z: Zenkai Battle Royale

    I've have been siting on my ass watching these videos instead of doing work but damn I wish I could play this. This looks more fun than all the US DBZ games we have got for PS3/360. Honestly the closest cousin to this is ESF actually. The space is is wider, almost everything is real time so no...
  10. Chakra-X

    Internet Genius Knows what you are Thinking I'm thinking of "Thomas the Tank Engine" and this mother****er gonna play coy and ask me if it has to do with trains. You think of a character/person/thing and answer his questions
  11. Chakra-X

    Want to Buy Bro New Graphics Card

    My brother's birthday is coming up and I thought my mom and I could pitch in to get him a new graphics card so he can actually play games at decent settings. Last time I ventured in to GFX cards alone, I ****ed myself in the ass, and while I am more seasoned now, I still would like opinions...
  12. Chakra-X

    The Hoodass Tales of Captain Ignant" Black Satire

    This is the animation I made for my junior thesis, enjoy and spread please! (Vote 5 here) Despite the days and days upon work, I was happy to make this. It'll be on Newgrounds soon too.
  13. Chakra-X

    Working on First Human Character

    Well kind of. I started a 1/3 of a Goku during the winter and never went back to it, so I had a chance to experiment with making a face and a body. Right now I am in a "Advanced 3D modeling and texturing"class and I decided to make a 3D model of a character of mine. He's a comic book/anime...
  14. Chakra-X

    The US Navy's Anti-Pirate Lasers America fighting pirates with ship-mounted lasers? ******* awesome. Unless they have a mass effect barrier.
  15. Chakra-X

    JESUS CHRIST HIT THE DECK, THE SUN IS ESPLODIN Assuming it's just the northern lights, maybe the cynical, misinformed alarmist can stay quite for awhile.
  16. Chakra-X

    Multi-hit Blasts

    If you ever played Super DBZ or Shin Budokai (I think Burst Limit does this as well), a beam will strike a character, but count for 5 hits, pounding against the character for 5 hits, until they are knocked back. My idea is, if a Goku fires a **fully charged** Spirit Bomb at a Frieza, and Frieza...
  17. Chakra-X

    [PSP] Dragonball Z Tenkaichi: Tag Team

    The demo is out on PSN and I got a hold of the Japanese version...It's actually quite fun. The whole game feels looser, speedier, larger. More free for all since you can change targets. Sometimes looks like ESF when you see your partner and an enemy dashing in the background with Death Balls...
  18. Chakra-X

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl: More Awesome Than Before ^^^That is Sonic, with Soap Shoes and a new moveset, fighting Shadow the Hedgehog with correct quills and unique attacks. The Brawl hacking scene has gotten to a point where textures, effects, movesets, and vertices. Importing models has also become...
  19. Chakra-X

    Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death

    My Launch 60gb PS3 has died today ;(. She went strong for 4 years and gave me the Yellow Light of Death while I was playing Transformers: War on Cybertron. Sony is having a "Limited Time Offer" where you can send them your broken 60gb PS3 and they'll give you a refurbished 120gb PS3 Slim for...
  20. Chakra-X

    Question About Processors

    Hello fellow technies! Sometime in the distant future I will be purchasing a Mac-based machine built for intense program renderings/post-processing (Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, etc.). I don't want to get caught up in names because I know these new Intel iXs are something powerful but then...