The Rules

The general rules:

  • There will be Bo3 (Best of Three) matches up to 10 frags
  • Vegeta and Goku are the only characters allowed
  • If server accidentally crashes, the match must be restarted fresh
  • Bugs / Exploits are not allowed
  • No Hack or cheating

*The Duel Rules:

  • No advanced melee / throwing
  • No ki blasts and beams
  • SSJ is not allowed
  • Max 3 hits

Alternative rules by agreement:

*Some or all Duel Rules can be neglected if both players desire to do so in agreement with each other. For example, SSJ would be allowed. However, if both players cannot come to an agreement, then all players must be playing by the original duel rules.

Additional info:

  • Tournament leaders holds the right to disqualify you for being late or not showing up at all
  • Rules may be changed, removed or added at any time. But you will be notified about it if that happens

  • Published
    Aug 26, 2020
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