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Forum Rules
General Rules
Earth's Special Forces Community Condensed Forum Rules
Version 3.0 - Last updated: 18/6/2009

Flaming, racially or religiously slurring, attacking, or swearing at others in this community is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

Adult Content:
Topics, posts, and links to inappropriate or adult material (such as pornography and hentai) will not be tolerated.

Topics discussing or requesting pirated software, utilities that allow hacking, or cracks for any licensed software will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Any and every piece of intellectual property (including – but not limited to – signature images, avatars, models, skins, applications, songs or sound effects, sprites, and any artwork) used in this community that is not created by you must be accompanied by both permission from and credit to the creator of that intellectual property. Failure to adhere to this will not be tolerated.

Creating topics or posts in order to advertise another modification or gaming project or a personal web page that is not affiliated with ESF will not be tolerated. You are, however, allowed to advertise these kinds of sites or pages in your signature.

Do not inundate any threads with one-word, non-contributing, or completely off-topic posts in any section of the forum. Additionally, threads such as signature tests will not be tolerated.

Signatures and Avatars:
Signatures and avatars must not include any adult or inappropriate content, must contain a combination of images no larger than 600 x 200 pixels, and must not exceed a total file size of 12500 kilobytes (1,25MB).

Multiple Accounts and Account Sharing:
For any given IP address, you are allowed to register a single account in this community. No further accounts will be allowed. Please contact an administrator if your household contains several prospective members who would like to register an account. And under no circumstances is it allowed to share your account with someone one.


Corrective Action
If any of these rules are broken in any way, shape or form (as decided by the forum staff and mod development team) you will be dealt with as follows:

First Occasion
- Warning or Time Ban (Usually a day or three)

Second Occasion
- Temporary Ban (Usually 1 or 2 weeks)

Third Occasion
- Permanent Ban

For clarification of any of the above regulations as well as an outline of the disciplinary system that the community employs, please consult the full, unabridged edition of the Earth’s Special Forces Forum Community Acceptable Use Policy. This can be accessed via the follow link:

Earth's Special Forces Forum Community AUP
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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