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    Just some Drawings..

    you draw in biology too? O_O ahh, but mine are mere scribbles compared to you... oh wait they are literally scribbles, I draw something almost pretty very very very rarely. :)
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    Looking for a project...

    Anyone want to work on a project with me, any project... I just want something to do. I can model, and that's about it, so if anybody wants a model of something, or wants someone to model them stuff for a scene their making, I'll be more than willing, I can't texture for crud though... Oh yeah...
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    Simple Render Thread.

    why is his chest reflective?
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    What modeling technique do YOU use?

    The thing is... I haven't actchually made a model from start to finish, but I was trying to learn to implement splines in everything, but only was able to make faces and simple organic things like bodies.
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    What modeling technique do YOU use?

    Good stuff! This has been quite helpful and I think I might start venturing away from splines... Never thought as using splines as a guide for strip... sounds really good!
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    What modeling technique do YOU use?

    Hi, I would like to compare and contrast diffrent modeling techniques for diffrent objects, because it always irks me when I try to imagine how I would model certain objects, anyway here's what you need to post: The modeling technique you use for what kind of things (cars, bodys, hair...
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    need files

    no, because then your only seeing the front a a diffrent angle, like seeing a tv from a diffent angle, your not a gonna see the side of the guy's head or anything
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    need files
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    Starfire - Another one :P

    Her body is disproportioned, her face isnot star fires, and look at the side image, why do her knees go inside out... is she a cripple starfire?
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    you may wanna scale him in the z direction
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    Images for Reference

    Yes I need gorillas refs, please gorilla tron must be made!
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    Images for Reference

    I need a side and front ref of the same gorilla, and cannot find one, gorilla gorilla I need gorilla *breaks into song* I need a gorilla and I can't find one gorilla gorilla I need gorilla...
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    Drawover request!

    Yes I am requesting a drawover of splines, I can't figure a decent way o connect them, I made 8 refrences photos of the splines so you'll be sure to see everything, I need them to be connected into 3-4 sided polygons so I can surface it, thanks. Warning: these are big pictures...
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    Naruto 127-128 (Spoiler Warning)

    In a nutshell, what are you talking about? chapters episodes or what, and where can I find them
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    Breaking news

    If one is an atheist, why do you say they can't believe in an afterlife? You cwazy! You just take god out of the picture, not neccesarily everything associated withgod like heaven, maybe their is a heaven, but it's evoulution ( just an example). Anyway, two things, Why is he considered so...