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    it says i have a corrupted file

    Load it here : You need to wait in line, but no corrupted file will be there ;)
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    I think I miss something ...

    Bah, i say it generaly (crash, couldn't conect to game, etc) but you answered my question ;)
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    is there a good rpg i can play on pc?

    you could try Neverwinter Night , thats a good "dungeon and Dragon like" rpg.
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    final fantasy 7

    both ruby and emerald weapon are possible to beat if u have to good materia combine with the good one. (a winner materia : phoenix+final attack). And if u want to beat ruby easily, just kill 2 of ur character before the fight, then, he wont suck ur character from the battle. ps : a master...
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    I think I miss something ...

    I have not been on the forum for like 3 month, so, can someone tell me why everyone is using steam instead of WONid ? I saw some problem thats only happen with steam and i want to know more about it.
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    peter griffin? buu?

    Yep, I like the idea . But if u want the skinner to see this, i suggest you to go post this in the skin section.
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    Normaly, this error show up when : -you dont have the latest patch -your version of the game is older than the one of the server. Do you have ur game updated ?
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    Error Making a Dedic. Server

    take a look at this :
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    final fantasy 7

    Ya, the moving wall is quite dificult, but if u have bahamut and leviathan, it should not be so hard. And the hardest part of the game is when u only have to beat up ruby/emerald weapons. And i've finish this game at least 7 time.
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    Is it me or ...

    ... or the forum's don't work sometime. I'm trying to connect, but it's don't load. When i try 20 minute later, everything is o.k. Am i the only one with this problem ?
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    Good Free MMORPGs

    You could try this one : I propose you to go look here before downloading it :
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    I dont realy understand the first question, but i'm sure that ESF 1.2 will not be in steam. Correct me if i'm wrong.
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    Making A Server

    you MAKE a shortcut of the hdsl.exe file (located in c:/hlserver (default)) and you do what i have said before and you will be able to play on your own dedicated server.
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    Making A Server

    you know, you right click the shortcut and you press property, after, in the line that look like this : C:/hlserver/hlds.exe , you add " -port 27016" (whitout the ")
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    Making A Server

    you make a shortcut of the hlds.exe , and your line should look like this "C:/hlserver/hlds.exe -port 27016 that's all