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    hxh question<<

    any1 know where i can get hunter x hunter OVA 2 greed island??
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    Grand Tournament #2

    Im going to have to drop for the tourney because of basketball practice -_-'
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    Grand Tournament #2

    name: -LS-Zod location: North Carolina character: Cell
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    A kenshin sig

    just finished this a little while ago, this is a different style then i usually do , what do u think?
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    Who can Trash the best

    nice dudeman it looks very realistic , but ur fire looks like an aura
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    Devil Information Dump

    Devil was just in DoA's server and of course he said freeze so all i could do was get out but b4 he freezed it i got this :laff: 22639 - his won id , oh well just one more for your list
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    [WIP]Bite my shiny metal A$$

    keep teh futurama look! , gj
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    [WIP]Bite my shiny metal A$$

    keep teh futurama look! , gj
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    is it just me or does it look blurry? anyway , gj
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    :shocked: nice!
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    rur..ruroni kenshin wip?!?! WTF?

    it looks good , who will it replace?
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    unnofficial Sig Competion

    well here is mine :devsmile:
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    Kuwbaras Pimpin New Sig..

    it nice but it would look better if you put your name over the dots
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    a couple new sigs

    im not just saying that , look at the other things ive made then look it it lol , then maby you could tell
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    a couple new sigs

    well i didnt really try on the gohan :p but the shenlong i tried on