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    ESF clantemplates ?

    yea i tryed but i have no knolage of grafficks sow it wil suck and i want a good looking site => its for my ESF clan SsP = Saiyen Snob Power otherwise.... i could use some stuff to build the site :)
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    ESF clantemplates ?

    are there eny ESF clantemplates ?
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    i am looking for a esf clan

    i am looking for a esf clan dous somewone know enny ?
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    release date of beta 1.1 ????

    dous somewone know what the release date is :p:p its in testing fase for mor then 2 weeks now sow i gues it would be released soon :s but when :p:p:p
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    To mutch lag

    Can u guys do something about the lag, its realy bad :(:(:( => lag makes the game bad, and the bods are to eseay and to stupid => they schoot on eachother even if ther are in the same team
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    hi, I am zliner we have a dutch clan we play alot of games: cs,esf,... and all dutch gamers are welcome you can contact us at [email protected] the site: the site is stil under construction.
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    [Z-A] A Upcoming ESF Clan

    hi, i am zliner; can i join your clan?? contact me at [email protected]
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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

    i have the ps2 iso on my pc but i cant play it ;( ;( dous enybody know how i can play it ?
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    ascending and trailing!!!!!!free beer click here

    when the combine there knolige and stuf the can build a great game
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    dragonball problem and bot problem

    first when i start a game with map riverside . i can find 6 db but nr7 isent at the spot thad the scouter says i think its a bug --> u placed the db spawn under the map(i think). when i host a game and start with bots the game crashes when a buddy of mine enters but when i change the...
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    mp3 problem.

    heeelp the sound isent playing wel in the game its playin like a radio thad has a bad connection what do i do?
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    ascending and trailing!!!!!!free beer click here

    Wait a whol year i am going craisey, cant you guys make patches like smal upgrates or something, in couterstrike they had in the beginning also a patch evry 2 months but letting fans wait for a wole year for beta 1.1 thads creasey. cant u guys work together with the people of bid for power...
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    Fighting without Ki

    bad idea i like it this way
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    admin control

    one problem the game dident instal a shortcut what do i do? i host becaus i cant find eny servers with the game
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    admin control

    look i host alot a game and somthimes there is aplayer cousing the game to lag so i want to kick him but i cant --> where is this console how do i open it?