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    heh, consider yourself lucky... I average out to no highrer than 15 fps most of the time. However, I usually get 8 fps.... 4 in games with lotsa big explosions. x.X
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    Who setsuna will replace?

    I REALLY say Piccolo. I mean: 1) No worries about transformation 2) Cool attacks 3) there are really only Piccolo replacement models for Piccolo. There are, however, a few bad points: 1) The whole Eye beam attachments. 2) I believe it's hard to make Piccolo models interchangeable...
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    Reverse Weapon Restrictment

    Well, I know that there's going to be the option for CHARECTER restrictions in 1.2. But weapons...? I'm not sure in terms of Server side mods... Though it might be possible with a little modding on the part of the server mods for this mod. (Too... much... mod) And considering (I think)...
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    Esf just blatenly rules

    Heh, just imagine a DBZ mod for HL2. o.0 Anyways, ESF is good, I was a LOT better in DMZ though. (You'd be suprized how many 'Unlisted' moves it currently has.) mainly due to the fact that it did'nt kill my FPS. ^^;; Anywho, what is this SoS anyhways? (Yes, Anyhways)
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    ok dokie my first poly by poly sephiroth model^_^

    Hey Nate, don't tell me you completely lost that Sephiroth model you were working on before! ;_; Anywho, I think it's a good (Re)Start. ^^ Looks fairly accurate from what you've got.
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    call me a noob modler

    Actually, the sword's pretty good IMHO. ^^ The torso is understandibly (sp? D'oh!) blocky. Certainly a great first models, and definatly better than I can say for MY first modeling attempt.... Oh the horror...
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    I'm sorry I don't have the awnser, but you could've chosen a more polite way of requesting an awnser, rather then the "The world revolves around me" message you just sent with your title. =\
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    Sprite (?) Question.

    Howdeh. ^^ I was wondering what the file name for the Explosions in ESF are? Mainly due to the fact that those explosions that fan outwards (IE, the ones that explode and fill the map but never implode) Kill my framerate to death. And me, whom has to play the game in SOFTWARE mode...
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    Camo Goku

    Awsome! I already have that Ninja Vegeta, and Goku looking very Metal Gear Solid would be a nice addition as well! :D Maybe add a SSJ version as well if you would. =) Also... uhhh, don't forget to give kudo/permission/anything-else-you-need-to-publish-a-model(reskin?). Would'nt want this...
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    Best thing is to not get pissed off, suck it in, curse the guy and pray he does'nt bear offspring and find a server that he does'nt/Can't goto. That's all we can do really. -_-
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    Devil and SnS

    My question is, where do people get off on this? Sure, I can poke at a few theorys (Studying human behavior as a passtime is fun! :D ) Need for power, Control, Malice... Seriously. Man... If only it were possible to create a society of Hackers that punishes Hackers like this... But power...
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    Ah, kay. I'm the Wiser now. ^^ But damn, he plaguein' my favorite server! (Scorched Earth (I also play Iraq on Yuri's revenge. :D )
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    Better yet, i got one of them's WON id. Anyways, i'm not sure of the name of the Crasher, SRS something or whatever, anyways: 4009682 Add it to yer Ban list. ^^ Man.... wish there was someway to counter this crap. =\ Sheesh, most likely he has more than one WON ID, but hey, it's a...
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    please ESF hear me out!

    I agree on waiting on the visual flare of things, though a few visual discrepencys could be fixed up for 1.2 maybe. Anywho, I think that if there IS a taunt in ESF it should be a attack. Well, in the sense that you select it in the weapons menu. It should play an animation and, of...
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    vegetas rapidfire?

    Heh, I would've thought Renzoku (Renzoku, correct?) would fire a LOT more Ki-blasts. Like some super rapid fire Ki blast attack... Not 6 little Ki balls. x.X I can't really elaborate more on that, I'm no Vegeta user, however... Having seen a few DBZ episodes (Note that I still hate the...