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    Ki lasting longer...

    if you make a thread in the suggestion forum its for all to reply too. if u wanted to make a private suggestion use pm, thats strangely what there, there for *shock horror*:S well i'm going to go against what u want... the energy level is fine, you're not ment to be able to teleport out of...
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    n00b filter

    if you're complaning about n00bs joning your game, why not make it password protected and only give those u want to play the password, or people email/pm u for the password. i dont know if they game does have a password option as i only play it over a lan with my friends.
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    Trunks wp!

    i agree with Ghoststalker, it does look a lot better in banners. though i did notices what u did with the two smaller images in the top right, maybe if u had kept that style running throughout the wp it would look better (Ryoko, now u know how i am, does the sig look fimilar? ;))
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    A Head That Talks!!!

    actually it wouldn't, true if you want to move the mouth you could remodel the head to accept a moving mouth and eyes, but you could change the skin far easier, which is what most animator's do to save on polycount and memory. MysTic_Ryu - how do u know its not for esf?
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    Need more super saiyan levels..

    my my demend lot aren't you ;) Hsu, you seem to know whats going on, have they choosen an age for gohan yet, or will they be asking the forum members?
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    A Head That Talks!!!

    supprising how many people say the same thing:S :p either way great idea, though in a fast pace fighting game like this... would we be able to see the talking head? or would we be more worried about what the heads screaming out and firing at us? :D though it would make some great movies =)...
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    Please Read !

    crouching only good for two things... 1-begging for mercy - which non of us would do, we fight to the end! :D 2-bowing at the beginning of a 1on1 match oter then that... it is pretty much useless in this sort of mod ^_^
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    What I think Attacks and Transformations should be. My List.

    suggested what? the rapid fire attack or the attack list? then why do u only have 69ish posts? :p:S
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    Suggestion about transformation

    i have two points... 1 - if you think about it. when you are at a pretty damn high pl, when you transform into ssj, it pretty much instant. so if you keep on bashing the "Z" key you would sort of skip the other levels anyway 2 - in a online dbz rpg game i played, it had an option that when...
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    latest wip...

    i think there needs to be more work done on the fusion jacket, it really the main party of getenks ( minus the hair and trousers ) as at the minute it still looks like a normal "Gi suit" though i can't wait to see how you progress, its a good idea and one you should follow to the end :yes: :)
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    What I think Attacks and Transformations should be. My List.

    Hibiki - i might be out of line here, but this is a "suggestion forum" you know where member suggest idea's they would like to see. the mod isn't perfect, not yet anyway and if someone saves them the time of coming up with some attack set, then i think it would be welcome. Twilight -...
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    faster flying (and you already have the animations)

    i dont know about the fast punches, true its a good idea, but a friend and i agreed, it would slow the game speed down to much, i mean its fun enough, been able to hit them once up, then across, then down, if you throw in some punches as well it would take that feel away of (chase after them...
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    Is there a chance that

    buuicollo, buutenks, buuhan ^_^ though what ever happened to the other models? trunk, freeza, cell, that all despreately need remodeling/skinning. won't they want to work on them rather then perfecting the already good models?
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    faster flying (and you already have the animations)

    Magus, i do what you do, i use it for power instead of speed. though the second turbo might not be the best idea... more keys to press. its already confusing for first time users, and if you add in a key another key it will confuse them more. maybe just increase the speed of tubro but yes, i...
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    A new transformation for piccolo

    ha, i just though of a little problem with our "fusing piccolo's" what happens if someone knocks the nameks for 6 whilst they're fusing... it would be quite in interesting model :D the first one i agree on... though the here what i would have for the last two second form - no cape and...