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    New sig/av time.

    Can't make a good sig atm. Just have this:
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    Time for a new one

    Do you like this?
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    Time for a new one

    Wait, are you asking for something with just '[S]' as the focal or do you want pretty much render with your name on it?
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    What next-gen games do you have?

    My small collection, without PS2 games...
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    Batman sigs!

    Of course it does :P
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    Sotm 6

    Itssss true... Even the popularity contest...
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    Green Envy

    It's a stock, but whatever. :3 Here's a link:
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    Green Envy

    I need feedback on what to add or remove on this one...
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    Sure, go ahead and use it... :P
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    Making of Frodo

    I love it :3 Maybe the outlines could be better, but the painting is amazing. Can't wait to see it finished.
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    Pretty good for a beginner, better than my first few. Learn new styles and try to pick up ideas from tutorials, then develop your own style. But for now, try to work on effects and text, keep it up.
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    Yup, I own them and I also made them. btw, a 'stock image' is just a fancy way of saying a picture that you're going to use.
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    Kaination's Modelling Thread

    lol, its actually pretty nice. Keep up the good work...
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    Thanks :D 10chars
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    New Prince of Persia preview.

    Hmm, a bit different from what we got in the other POP games, it looks somewhat promising. Hoping this game is not another let-down sequel.