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    calm down folks, 1.3's alive

    It will probably over in a couple of hours.
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    calm down folks, 1.3's alive

    ESF is doomed because it's april 2 now, we must move on and find another mod.j/k:D
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    Modeling Help

    I suggest you continue with 3dsmax, because for me it's more simple than milkshape. Good luck Here is Mad Axman's tut - I almost finished my Trunks model(hair is missing) but I lost it when my CPU got a virus.
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    LemmingBallZ Goku

    I have never played LBZ but I saw the ingame screenshots and I think it's a side scroller vs game.
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    I've just watched the new WIP PS system and it looks cool.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Nice Gokou model, It's good to see a Gokou model with a different outfit.
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    Just one thing about ESF 1.3

    I think Klylin(Krillin) is just fine w/o the buddy system.
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    PS suggestion

    Hi Dark Trunks and Grega, long time no see. I like the idea because it will be an eyecandy for the game, but just like Grega said it is still a wip and I think the ESF Team has already thought of it.
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    Some problem in namek battle

    Yes, Gokou was stronger than Freeza the moment he turned into a super saiyan and he just wants to test how strong Freeza really is.
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    Some problem in namek battle

    @uncover bunker - I'm not really sure if Gokou died on the lava, because in the last episodes of the Freeza Saga, If I remember correctly Gokou falls right straight into the lava and after that he just fly again like it was nothing.
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    liek OMG teh juggernaut

    I am glad nuttzy that you are planning to make the X-men Mod on HL1, because me and my friends too prefer HL1 because it runs faster on most of the computers.
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    liek OMG teh juggernaut

    I just sleep for a few hours and there is a new model of Gambit already. Nuttzy and all of you are great. :) Here is a Bishop ref. it's not complete but I will try to find a good one.
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    liek OMG teh juggernaut

    Here is an X-men Legends Nightcrawler referrence for the people who want to model Nightcrawler. :)
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    liek OMG teh juggernaut

    The models are getting even better. :) This are my only comment on Cyclops. Cyclops hair must have a bangs like in the ref and belt around his both legs.
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    liek OMG teh juggernaut

    Wow broli is so fast in making models, and nice Collosus there dendza. :) Here is a ref of Cyclops,Juggernaut, Magneto and Sinister drawn by Jim Lee.