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    Somthing To do when your realy bored

    This is GREAT fun if you got nothin to do and dont mind trespassing then its all good. go to the contry and find some cows .at night cows sleep standing up . run up to them as fast as you can and push them ova . hehe now thats some mean fun :D ~ SoniC ~
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    Esf Bots ?

    hey to play on the net you have to have a good modem exspeshly when ur miles away from most severs so i been lookin for esf bots . i know there r some out there but carnt seem to find jack so if you know of any ESF bot sites that would be beta than sweet . sweet :S
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    A New Zealand Holden Car Club ?

    Well i Got 2 holden statesmans and im making a mint one out off them. but wanting to join a statesman club to get the pices i need and too swap the other pices for other bits so if you knonw anything about holden car clubs in NZ give us a replay sweet V8 POWER :D ~ SoniC ~
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    how to have pics on ur profile

    how do you have pics like most u guys got when u leve a reply coz i got some real cool pics i whana put on this thing sweet ~ SoniC ~ ;(
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    Teliporting whlie charging an attahc

    I think it would be a good idea if you could teliport half way when your charging to do an attac. then you could teliport behind sombody just as your attac is at max then blow them away .... well is that a good idea or just plane stupid ? :idea:
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    will there be a raditz

    ....Will there Be A Raditz ??
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    Will there be a Goten?

    im not sure , even tho he wouldent be that stronge i think it would be cool if there wer , just another charactor to make the game even beta.
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    A good site to build your own page ??

    well soon im buliding my own page and carnt seen to find a page with help and a good page with links of it and stuff well know and if you can help it would be sweet . ~ SoniC ~ *Try this page, it pwnz* Cheeseman