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    How old be you!?

    18 and proud of it,also will be 19 next march. I got a long time to wait >_<.
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    Fav. Animol

    fear the white rabbit, for he shall smite you!!!!! Best being the evil white rabbit from search for the holy grail. :fight:
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    Knight Online

    i wonder why everytime i click on my char it won't let me use him... must be one of the annoying log in bugs folks are talking about
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    Riddle me this?

    correct on all accounts, get out of my book of riddles damn j00!!
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    Riddle me this?

    This creature, part man and part tree, hates the termite as much as the flea. His tracks do not match, and his limbs may detach, but he's not a strange creature to see. He who makes it does not keep it. He who takes it does not know it. He who knows it does not want it. He who gathers...
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    Riddle me this?

    ^_^ Round she is, yet flat as a board Altar of the Lupine Lords. Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea Unchanged but e'erchanging, eternally.
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    How will you die??

    I will die choking on my own vomit, with no one caring or complaining about my death. YAY!
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    Better Mobility :)

    still will be useful, no matter the ki consumption rate. Should allow for some very interesting fights. Plus the animations look pretty cool for it.
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    Super Mario 3 awsomeness

    still..the guys name should be changed to Mario..
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    Which anime is the best?

    My favourite anime is a tie between Bezerk & Escaflowne.. <_>
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    TEH HIPPO!!!!!!!

    I think I have been said this before so i'll just say it again anywawys. That made me want to ram my head into a wall, as many times as possible before i pass out.
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    who has the coolest hair

    Brolly when he is ssj is pretty cool so my vote goes to other
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    my god...i feel like ramming my head into a wall after watching that.
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    Enjoy this site.

    my real name = 99% evil 1 % good :\
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    Weapons (post 'em)

    357 Magnun, and thats it...well unless ya count my baseball bat that has met many a forehead.