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    More random art

    tshirt design
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    More random art

    more random stuff for ya guys to look at
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    Been about a year

    id be surprised if anyone even remembered me but anyway here is a poster i did recently for a friend C&C always welcome
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    Dreamcast's Last Breath

    mainly cause stores werent carrying hardly any DC games to buy
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    McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit - What ACTUALLY happened...

    i dunno i know to use a cup properly, and i know im not supposed to hold a cup with my legs.
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    Dreamcast's Last Breath

    are you out of your ****ing mind!! Jet set radio, mvc2, snk2, third strike, grandia 2, evolution, skies of arcadia and i can go on. not to mention one of the only systems were you could burn games and ya dont need a mod chip or boot disk to play them. the system had almost perfect arcade...
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    McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit - What ACTUALLY happened...

    i should sue best buy for selling a product they know causes carpal tunnel(key board)
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    Playstation 3: Already problems arising?

    i dont understand why people will never learn, that you dont buy a console on the openening day you wait for a couple of batches to go out to the public then wait to see exactly what the problems are. ps2 had disk reading errors and a 1 year life span xbox360 just completely blows balls and...
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    The Departed

    if everyone thought like you there wouldnt be movies, because everything is a copy of something else.
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    ringo star (air gear)

    new stuff im kinda running out of layout ideas
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    A new Live Action Street Fighter movie

    do they really need to rape my choice in games more than they already did?
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    Post your older sigs!

    i use to animate things
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    Wip Wall/siggie/whatever

    use illustrator instead of ps to do vector type art
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    Sony Cuts Price of PlayStation 3 to $410

    i remember when ps2 came out people were saying the exact samething. oh that **** is to expensive **** sony. then everyone and their mother bought a ps2, it will be no different for the ps3
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    Criss Angel...

    i dunno who thi guy is but hes amazing