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    Goku's trans2 sound?

    its from movie 7 wen he absorbs the spirit bomb
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    SSJ2 aura

    i've made an ssj2 aura sound and its ready for d/l (copy and paste)
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    Trunks's Weapons

    u could make them like goku's power poll so they decrease in size to fit in his case :]
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    My map ideas

    an ocean/sea map would be quite intresting and u could do it quite big may u could do the 1 where nappa destroys the whole navy while waiting for goku
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    I need some ideas for model edits..

    i say ubuu and he could tranform into super ubuu he could replace boo
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    I will make soundpacks FOR U!!

    i'm currently making a jap gohan pack sample save target as
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    I will make soundpacks FOR U!!

    ocean, funi or jap?
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    Goten young

    the hair is the wrong way round: copy & paste
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    Gotenks Soundpack

    I'v made a full sound pack for gotenks you may want to d/l it and plz tell me if i can improve it (copy & paste)
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    Power Struggle Bug

    !XxShAdOwxX! got it perfectly. i'm able to evade the blast by falling to the floor
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    Scatter beam and defending

    wouldn't that just turn into kame.. torps...
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    budokai mode

    you need the floor trigger or it takes the point of it out. on the floor trigger u should make it so the last person to hit them gets the kill
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    ssj3 goku sounds

    version 5.04
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    Power Struggle Bug

    if i block an energy beam, while in the strugle if i release block then quikly press it agen i can stop the energy beam and then if i am flying i can swich back to walk then quikly press block agen and it wont explode untill i relese even though i i am out of the range of the blast :laff:
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    budokai mode

    would it b posible 2 make a mode/map which give u unlimited or high health, then has a large tournament arena and a death trigger on the floor? sry if this has already been suggested