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    u MOST take a look, ROFL

    Lol, you should have put a timer next to it and if it doesn't get out in time it get's salted:devgrin: , if it hasn't touched the side already.
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    ummm how

    That's quote... or you use the format [ QUOTE ] writing goes here [ /QUOTE ] But without the big spaces.
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    Weapon of choice

    or on your car...
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    whats wrong with this pic?

    I've got it! The cop is high and thinks your his wife!
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    whats wrong with this pic?

    The gun looks Hippie like... And there's a big sign on the picture saying Police.
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    Weapon of choice

    No not a Gundam, the massive gun near the end of Gundam Wing Endless Duel that Milliardo Peacecraft/Zex Markese has, and is about the blow up the owrld and it's also a giant space station.
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    Harry Potter or a 12 Gauge Shotgun

    No no no, you see there are two people fighting, one with a shotgun in his hand and one swinging around harry Potter as a sword shown here: O <---'You're a stick Harry' O___ Harry--->O-|-<__| |-| /\ /\
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    Weapon of choice

    Why don't you just attack him with the missiles... And I changed mine to the big giant gun in Gundam Wing (not the buster cannon the huge soace station one).
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    explanation wanted

    I get that all the time... j00=you pwn, ownzor=own pr0n=swap the 0 and r around... n00b=newbie roxor=rock boxor=boxers I r0x0r j00r b0x0rs=I rock yours boxers These are the most common |337 ones
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    Weapon of choice

    BIG ****ING GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    YHea it's realeased

    I have computer camp :(, but then the rest is doing what I do best, being a slob. I will eat, drink, watch TV, sleep andgo on the comuter.
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    Fav n00b quotes/fav n00b put-me-downs

    I thought the great Hibiki would be able to translate it. Well I got my brother to translate so: Yuo's guide to his |337 speak: 57|[|_|, _|00 7|{||\||< _|00 |5 |337|5|{, _|00 5|_|><0|)\ 47 |7, 4|\||) \/\/7|[ j00 |o|_4y||\| |<||)5 64|\/|3, (0|\/|3 |o|_4y (5 4|\||) 937 0\/\/|\|\_0|)\|)...
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    Krispy CREAMS!!!

    You sure you don't still work there?
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    Fav n00b quotes/fav n00b put-me-downs

    cough look at my previous post Hibiki, can you translate that leet? cough (It's cs |337!!!!!!!!!11111 - Matt's bro).
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    Fav n00b quotes/fav n00b put-me-downs

    I have another one: :: n00b (not his name) kills me after me is weakend. noob:l0l y0u suckz0r me:dont you mean j00? n00b:STFU, y0u is n07 l337ish, s0 ph3ar my l337 me:dont you mean j00 and ph34r? :: me go gets brother :: n00b:can7 y0u r3ply? n00b0r ar3 y0u 70 scar3d me...