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    I would pinch in the waist because she's skinnier then he portrayed, thin out her torso, that works, and make her hips bigger because she's got a bigger butt than that. And don't capitalise every word, Fatal_CobraX.
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    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    Just a friendly reminder. :P. If anyone's got the time (although I doubt it, less than 1% of model requests make it through here), please make Zero from Mega Man Zero, not from Mega Man X. Same character, totally different (and better IMO) look. Good to see the increased interest in a...
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    A side veiw would REALLY help, but yeah, pinch in the waist a touch, and make her hips a bit bigger. Beyond that, looks great so far. Oh, and you forgot the bag thing on her right thigh.
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    wat is it about 1.2 u all hate?

    Ummm ... am I the only one who sees the irony here? There's nothing wrong with Advanced Melee, although it may be considered a tad slow, it's one helluva lot more like DBZ than Swoop-Hit-Tele-Hit-Tele-Hit-Beam.
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    Spiderman wip

    It's "seckseh" not "secksy". Also, does no one read my posts? Try for now, it takes like 10 mins to get a pic up.
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    Spiderman wip

    Try using It's only for temporary images and you can only use jpegs with the free account, but it's good for posting images online.
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    An Akuma Model

    Sorry but I have to clear this up. Ryu and Akuma are two completely separate characters, with their own backgrounds and personalities. Shin Akuma doesn't need to be modeled, the only visible difference is a change in the colour of his clothes, they go from grey to purple.
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    An Akuma Model

    Very nice. Keep up the good work, dude.
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    An Akuma Model

    In all honesty, if someone was willing to take me through the basics of skinning I wouldn't mind putting a skin on him as long as it costs me no $. I've got all summer to pass the time, although between MMAC, Spidey 2 (game), SFA3, and my pool I'll be keeping busy, but it'd make a nice project...
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    Zabuza WIP

    You should have Zabuza in NTP no? Who's modelling that one?
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    An Akuma Model

    Akuma made his debut in Street Fighter Alpha (i believe). Since ESF came out I have been dying to see some street fighter models and this thing is beautiful. WAY too many polies though if you plan on releasing him for ESF, though. He fights basically the same way as Ryu and Ken, but IMO way...
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    See the bolded part. THAT IS THE MOST BRILLIANT TWEAK IDEA I'VE SEEN YET!!!!!!! YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! I just thought though, for light attacks, throw 1 arrow at em to press, for medium, throw 2, and for hard attacks throw 3, this way, a) this gives the melee more skill than luck, and b) it...
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    Teleport delay

    That's true enough I guess, but most of my teleports are fast enough to get out of the way fast enough, you just have to train your reflexes a lot. I can see what you're talking about, though.
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    quick question: Why is his face blue? There's probably a good reason, but I don't know it
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    Deathscyte Gundam!!

    Ice Man: Can you please spell stuff properly when you do your joke talk stuff? It's very confusing trying to read through "typos". Not a bad model, better than I could/would do.