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    Theres a Command its has to increase "ki" to maximun?

    add bots and alot of them if your goku fill the oposite team with bots and use a spirt bomb lol i did that first press = then 9 for debug options then set bots igror humans then = fill server with bots oposite team as you then huck your spirit bomb in the big cluster works much faster then...
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    Model error

    goto its a modle pack by the way that mod is not supported by this forum ;D
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    Creating a Steam server? Read this for cvars.

    yeesh open up the server.cfg and enter the stuff at the top then it will load everytime with your server (server.cfg for internet Listenserver.cfg for lan) opens with notepad wordpad, sv_lan 0 hostname "name of server here" maxplayers "number of players here" sv_password "password here"...
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    My server cant go online

    i have windows Xp Pro SP2 and i disabled the windows fire wall (via: local Area connection) then made sure my other fire wall was uninstalled but i get nothing. :cry: i can connect fine to anyone elses servers (1.2.3), and when i had XP home installed i could make online servers it was fun...
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    esf (LAN)

    i have a similar question i cant create a server that other people can connect to online i have windows Xp Pro =/, i disabled the windows firewall made a dedicated game used and it shows up but it says its down =(