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    Human Evolution

    they will make some building or whatever and dig very deep and find a.....GIANT DRAGON EGG! (its a motherdragon wich plants more eggs etc etc) its the truth
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    Choose your weapon...

    Thunderfury :D
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    Need some help building a pc.

    specially if you build the pc yourself, like i do, u can make a uber pc for just 1000,- max... and play some hardcore crysis without problems
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    My Wii repair story...

    i work in a repair-computershop and the stories as far as i heard from ppl sending their PC back to the company. and it only takes us 3 days to repair or see it can't be repaired instead of a company always saying its the motherboard and u need to buy a new computer ( AT THEIR COMPANY ) and so...
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    Gears of War (PC)

    wasnt far as good as everybody said after a while it gets kinda boring doing da same thing over and over again. next to that, it just was way to shorto_o
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    Explain us your nickname!

    Valeska....well uh.........i'd always use to play females character and a female char with the name " bill" would suck wouldnt it ^^
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    Thought this was pretty neat

    interesting, this is a kind of thing that i'd keep in mind for a while
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    Video game based Movies

    dunno if its still comin but would be awsome, world of warcraft/warcraft movie
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    Proz has borfday :p

    HAPPY BDAY MAN :talk: :talk: have a good one ! *image removed* Read the AUP. ~ Synth
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    Electric Razor

    well. here a lil something: and here is mine, still a newbie: but for real, as much as i hate to say it. i'd notice that shaving machines (electro) are totally crap and doesnt help abit, handshaving(razorz) are more effective (imo) however after shaving myself 2 times with the same...
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    What nonsense is this?!

    HAPPY BDAY ze great beatle!
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    Video-card, motherboard able to handle ?

    aye i wouldnt know either why it wouldnt work, but just checking and asking u guys cuz i know some of u know more about computer stuffz then me :scared:
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    Video-card, motherboard able to handle ?

    so i've got this motherboard, i know its spanish/france site but just search on google on the motherboard name. as for the question; would it be able to handle Geforce 8500. ive got 2045mb memory
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    Post Your Desktop... Yet Again...

    could u link that wallpaper plz :shocked:
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    Post Your Desktop... Yet Again...

    re re re re RENEW !!!