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    esf + amx

    that comes after the option with the servers (listen, dedicated, ..) btw, maybe i understand you wrong, but what should i do congretly now?
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    esf + amx

    i've install steam (games: half-life + esf) and now at that point where i must choose between "Steam Dedicated server", "Steam Listen Server", "Standalone Server" and "Select Mod Directory". If i choose one, for example "Steam Listen Server" (which doesn't matter) - there comes a...
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    Goku Giji Model

    "all model/skin requests go into this thread" But i only search such an model. i won't that someone extra make one.
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    Goku Giji Model

    Hi there, i'm looking for an Goku Model for Giji. The Hair should be black and like an SSJ. The best is, that he carry only his black t-shirt, like on the picture (clothes). On esf-world are NOT any Goku-Giji-Models to download. Can you help me plz? Greetz j4ke`
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    Scattershot Video

    question: if i shot some and then i let them stop - can i fire again some?
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    who is the best esf player??

    kartza or how he is written is actually the number one for sure -.-' best german player: Ping.
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    Kame-Hame-Ha Sprite

    i haven't found it :-(
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    Esf clans

    clanless O.o
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    Do you play esf?

    Only play on clanserver =)
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    console command for pl

    theire is a command to power up your pl. type "kill" into your console - is the masta-command so you got 50.000.000 pl ^^
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    POTM @ ESF-World

    do the background change? because in the timechamber vid he looks different. O.o
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    as i've saw the potw on the esf-mainpage, i thought it's a simple map, which looks boring and uninteresting.
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    sry, i havn't seen it before o_o
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    Post your funky ESF pics!

    why we can't have it? o_o
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    it also is included?! O.o