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    Link Model!!

    for your third transformation you can use oni link from majora's mask:laff:
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    the saviour of strenght shenlong is cool look for your self
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    Dragonballuniverse SSJ3 Goku model and skin

    his hair is a little to short well thats what i think but its a great model one of the finnest i ever saw:yes:
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    japanese people ar not racists mr popo is the blackest black guy i ever saw :p
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    Brolli wip for all who are looking for one.

    do you have a site GG cause i like your models
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    Aint real

    in gt the highest is ssj4 no more
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    The Probably ONLY GOOD GLITCH IS...........

    i think most peeps know that:) was in a thread once :tired:
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    SSJ2 gohan, finaly skinned

    waht is saiyan crusades ???? a QIII mod? a sepreth game???? tell me more plz
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    Krillin wip, 17 wip

    SORRY oops i wanst paying attention while i was typing (i know krillin aint a saiyan) my exuses :D
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    Krillin wip, 17 wip

    can you make a ssj armord krillin? i think he is cooler than the one with hair
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    Goku wip

    the hair must be a little bit longer and more to the legs it kinda hovers from the body
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    long haired trunks model

    verry verry nice dude but ssj hair need some work but thats my oppinion
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    this is strange

    indeed reading the manual is handy lol :D
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    Krillin wip, 17 wip

    those are SWEET models looking forward for more of your work :yes: keep up the good work:yes:
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    Attacking Eternal Dragon

    how did you push over shen long?????