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    i think they are the best on namek because its a pretty small map and the bots move all around instead of just staying in one single place
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    What do I need to play

    try reinstalling half-life and/or esforces...also, check if ur halflife is up to date, it should be v1.1.1.0
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    Jus try installing the bots again... i dunt see why it shouldnt work..maybe somethings wrong wid ur computer
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    Which Form of Super Buu would you like to see?

    i think buu looks the best before he absorbed anyone or after gotenks. With absorbing gohan, he jus looks ***.. wid piccolo hes frigging ugly! and wid gotenks he jus looks ok.. he looks tougher without having absorbed anuone tho
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    56K Should I join?

    wen i play, i usually have like 200-800 ping on 56k...its not reallie dat bad once u get used to it.. although it might be annoying