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    Question about esf 1.3

    I think one of these little holes were in older versions too. Just noone really cared for them...I could be wrong...but who knows? Maybe its just a place they forgot to fill in the map at?
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    your a hacker!!

    I cant wait till ESF has SSJ2 or higher transformations..and you get alot more speed...****, they wont know what hit them.
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    Hey there, Im here...again...I have a BMP picture of me joining another server because of someone closing SL Server, I need to get it hosted or give it to a mod or someone who can host it so I can post it here for everyone, I dont know where/who to give it to..but..yeah. Also..I`ve been...
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    Beta 1.1 Lag/Fps Tweaks

    riiiighhhttt.....thats why you DONT download things your not sure of..
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    Beta 1.1 Lag/Fps Tweaks

    how do i stop from like when the host leaves my game do i stop this
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    Trunks and Vegetas transform

    What the hell you made no sense to me, ever see Goldmember? are you british? Im trying to say when Austin Powers and Nigel Powers were sitting on the bed they were talking and you spoke just like them..
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    Beta 1.1 Lag/Fps Tweaks

    i was drunk..sorry...
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    Beta 1.1 Lag/Fps Tweaks

    alright, hey groovy nice sig ;) also what is the speed for when you hit the default button, t to speed up with arua?, thanks! that appriate here?...well who cares!! :) lol well hope someone can answer my question. i dont think switching around files can be to hard expecially for me i...
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    Click my Homepage

    Everyone click my homepage, thanks...if theres something wrong, just pm me ill change it :)
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    thanks for the welcome :)
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    Does ESF Beta 1.1 run faster, exit quicker?
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    hey guys waddup? member me??...I hope ya do....well i`ve been into Socom US Navy Seals to much and i got my computer reformatted so im downloadin ESF right now beta 1.1, I can`t wait for it to be done...I also need to get the HL or the updateder...version of that...also I need to...
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    I wanna know about the server

    you don`t pay for anything on esf
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    frieza replacement would you know? what if he wouldn`t of fought ginyu force or even got recovered? i don`t think he`d be ssj at all