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    Weekly 1.0/1.1 meets?

    Coming back here has really made me miss playing with all the friends I'd made, and all the battles that have ensued. I'm proposing a weekly 1.0 or 1.1 gathering of anyone who wants to get together for some old school gaming fun. I was thinking either a Wednesday or Sunday night, each week...
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    The Fastest Days

    Nothing was sexier than watching U17 wipe clan RICED in 1.1 =P
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    The Fastest Days

    *Sheds a tear* 1.1 anyone? :-/
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    such a long time hasnt it?

    Your join date is August 2004. You couldn't have been gone very long seeing as u have over 100 posts. More like, "wow 17 is posting O_o. Haven't seen him since 1.2 relased >_<" =P But seriously, I'm not back. Just nothing to do. 17 ftw!
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    I think you suggestion there speaks only of beam spamming. I didn't read beyond your first post seeing as that was the "suggestion" you were making. I don't think there is a clear solution for stopping someone on a melee slaughtering. The only thing you could really do to save yourself from...
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    MechMod effects

    I bought a FX5200 and an FX5600 and neither were compatible with my motherboard. So I should shell out another $120 for a decent board just to play some hl1 mod. 100fps (dropping to 70-80 during fast melee) with my GF2 on ESF-- sounds like crap to me. -_- Heh, it would probably even get 120...
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    Some times I feel lucky... hehe :p

    This is the kind of response I would have expected from Darkside. -_- Uh, how do we pull this one back on... topic? Was there a topic? I didn't quite realize the "lucky" part of this thread.
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    The best counter for beam spamming is to relentlessly kill the spammer til he leaves the server. You might die a few times getting close while he right-clicks a beam and blows himself up, but generally a decent player should have no problem with burying a beam spammer. In 1.1 if a guy was...
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    Could this happen?

    With Natural Selection, their beta 4 patches were merely to level the playing field between different alien classes and marine classes. There weren't any changes to gameplay. Things like changing the cost of points for different skills, changing health and armor statistics for different...
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    Some times I feel lucky... hehe :p

    At 22, I guess that makes me a big kid ;|
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    Rippers alert!! haha

    I'm sceptical about whether those are esf models or not. I mean, you would think the scales would be different for WC3 models compared to models for HL. It's hard to identify any notable characteristics between the models as well, seeing as the models are immensely smaller in their WC3 custom...
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    Some times I feel lucky... hehe :p

    Kids these days =\ hehe Must have taken you a good chunk of time to build up a pl of 28 million.
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    How do you know that this picture wasn't taken in 1st person view of another ESF team member using a character like Goku, who has 120hp by default (Well, if this still holds true in 1.2 I only remember 1.0/1 :laff: ). The PL u see on the screen is of whoever took the screen shot of the ginyu...
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    MechMod effects

    First off, show some respect. I'm not some noob who's been playing ESF since September of 2004. A mere 3+ months into the game. Maybe you've played a lil' longer than your join date on the forums, but can't be that much longer because the forums will suck you in immediately after getting the...
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    Consider this! Would you rather live a little longer with someone melee "spamming" you, or have some random guy you can't see in your field of vision blasting you away from the other end of the map, killing you in 1 hit, aka beam spamming. Atleast with melee, everyone has room to improve...