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    ur 3 most fav parts in dbz ?

    ahh...does the movie have a name?
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    ur 3 most fav parts in dbz ?

    Which movie was this? o_o
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    lol! Cheers for the link sent it to my mates :yes:
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    ur 3 most fav parts in dbz ?

    1 - Goku going SSJ In front of Frieza :D 2- Trunks cutting Frieza in half 3- Vegeta arriving to face Androids a new SSJ (''you know who just joined the super saiyan club'') And to think Frieza is my fav. bad guy o_o
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    Chibi Trunks or Futured Trunks?

    Ahh that could possibly explain it. BTW I like your sig, Fat Buu ownz! :)
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    Melee = cheap??

    My friend got kicked from a game because he used melee attacks :no:
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    Power Struggles

    wow thanks for the tip :)
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    transformation, blessing?

    ANY success on ANY Half Life mod = people calling you a cheater I just take it as a compliment :)
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    Character(sry bout other thread)

    Bald head, green eyes and yellow Ive seen a fake pic of Nappa SSJ and it looks funny I vote Android 18 tho..
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    Chibi Trunks or Futured Trunks?

    Future Trunks is totally the best, what i dont get is how did Chibi Trunks go SSJ so easily at a young age, when it took Gohan's death to make Mirai Trunks go SSJ.......o_o
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    Dragonball related mod/games thread

    Lol! It actually looks like a laugh. BTW: This topic is great, learning about lots of new mods :)
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    my lil bro's gohan!

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    Servers help..

    If you just filter ESF then you will find about 40+ servers on average.
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    long transformations.

    I think the Freeza one is pretty cool, but the Vegeta one is definatly the best when he first transforms :)
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    Krillin ssj?

    I definatly support that, takes far too long to see Kryllin grow a sprout of hair :D